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6 Great Magazine Bargains in Our Double Your Deal for $1 Promotion

Double Your Deal for $1Looking to stretch your dollar further? Now you can during our Double Your Deal for $1 Sale! These are some of the top magazine subscription deals that get you more for less!

If you love a great deal—and who doesn’t, these days—you’ll find plenty of them in our Double Your Deal for $1 Sale. That means when you subscribe to popular select magazines, you double the subscription term for just one dollar more!

From fashion, travel and sports to crafts, food and more, you’ll find something to suit your interests—or maybe a family member or friend you can surprise for a special occasion or just because.

These are just a few of the Double Your Deal for $1 titles that we’re highlighting here because they are such a great deal, but hurry, because these deals end today!

Food & Wine: This is a great magazine if you love, well, food and wine. The recipes in each issue are accessible, even for novice cooks and bakers, and wine newbies and enthusiasts can benefit from the vino selecting and pairing advice. Just a little over $1 an issue for 24 issues with the Double Your Deal price!

Travel + Leisure: Indulge your wanderlust, either close to home or far away, with this adventurous magazine. You’ll get great travel advice, off-the-beaten-path itinerary suggestions, as well as hotel and restaurant recommendations. With the Double Your Deal promotion, you’ll get 24 issues for just a little more than $1 each!

Inc.: Do you own a small business or mid-sized company? Even if you’re not the head guy or gal in charge, you and your employees will find valuable insights from other successful leaders and companies about how to grow your business. Get 20 issues for just 65 cents an issue during the Double Your Deal Sale!

Fast Company: If you’re curious about what’s on the cutting edge of business, this is the magazine that will keep you up to date. It taps into all the creative things the heavy hitters and successful start-ups are doing in the business world, from tech to marketing. During the Double Your Deal promotion, get 20 issues for just 65 cents an issue!

Autoweek: You’ll get the most bang for your buck if you’re an automotive enthusiast. Not only will get get bi-weekly issues of one of the top automotive magazines covering races, vehicle reviews and trends, but you’ll get 52 issues for just 40 cents each an issue during this limited-time Double Your Deal Sale!

Nashville Lifestyles Magazine: We think Nashville’s great, and whether you’re a resident of the Music City or just its biggest fan living elsewhere, you’ll see why when you subscribe to this local magazine. More than just music, you’ll find dining, fashion, features and a peek at the celebrities who call Nashville home. During the Double Your Deal promotion, get 22 issues for less than $1 an issue!