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Crochet Craft Magazine Deals

“ADD Crafter” Can’t Choose Among Magazines.com Craft Magazine Subscription Deals

Crochet Craft Magazine Subscription DealsWith so many craft magazine subscription discounts at Magazines.com, blogger Michelle Ryan (who suffers from crafter’s ADD) may have a hard time resisting picking up another new hobby.

Confession No. 1: I consider myself a crafter. Confession No. 2: My execution of said crafting pursuits is less Martha Stewart than I’d like to admit or imagine.

Plagued by what I call “crafter’s ADD,” I can’t focus on just one thing. I’m equipped with all the tools to crochet, knit, needlepoint and embroider—and that’s just the needle arts. I could make jewelry, as in I have the supplies, but I just haven’t.

There’s also cake decorating and soap making, which I’m happy to report I’ve at least followed through on both. I’ve recently (re)picked up the crochet hook, completing two classes in April, then practicing on a regular basis so as not to let the lessons go to waste. (I’ve done that before.) before.

During one of my practice sessions, I glanced through a comprehensive (at least based on the title) crochet solutions book, promising to solve every problem and answer every question I’d ever have about it.

I came away with the realization that I had a lot to learn—just about crochet, much less anything else—and that it takes a lot to master any one craft.

Even so, that doesn’t mean I still don’t envision myself some highly skilled (if yet untrained) crafter. And it doesn’t make choosing just (gasp) one or two hobbies to identify with and learn inside and out.

Even browsing the list of craft and hobby titles on sale now at Magazines.com is a reminder that I’m not ready to cut quilting off my list. And I can’t let those jewelry-making supplies go unused. And I’ve always wanted to learn to sew.

I’m already signed up for Crochet Today! after said personal revival of the craft. There are plenty other magazines covering watercolor, pastels and drawing—three that somehow haven’t made it on to my crafting bucket list. Yet.

There’s magazines for embroidery and knitting, two needle arts I fancy myself doing someday. When it comes to knitting, I’m not wasting any time. I’m signed up for a beginning knitting class tomorrow afternoon.

What’s your favorite craft—and which one do you recommend I try next?


Stretch Your Dollar Further With the Double Your Deal for $1 Sale

Get more magazines for just $1! For a limited time, add a whole year’s worth of issues to your subscription for just a buck.

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To ensure you get the most bang for your buck, here’s a preview of some of the sale titles that also get the thumbs up from our customers for their superb content and inspiration. We’ve arranged these by category so you can determine at a glance which titles may suit you—or someone you’re shopping for.

For Parents

Kiwi: Help the whole family go green with this magazine aimed at providing healthy foods for kids while teaching social responsibility at a young age.

Girls’ Life: Give girls 10 and up some positive reinforcement with this Parent’s Choice approved title. Each issue features age-appropriate fashion advice, celebrity interviews and more.


For Musicians

Making Music: If you’re living the musical life, you’ll find everything from features on other musicians, product reviews, genre breakdowns, warm-up techniques and gift ideas here.

International Musician: If music is a way of life more than it is a hobby, this monthly magazine delves into labor issues affecting entertainers in both the U.S. and Canada.


For the Chef

Taste of the South: Get your fill of the South’s best dishes, from barbecue to banana pudding. Every issue is packed with the best recipes and restaurants the region has to offer.

Food & Wine: Take your cooking—and wine-pairing—skills up a notch with this food lovers’ favorite that covers the latest trends, chefs’ simplest recipes and wine recommendations for every budget.


For the Crafter

Sew Beautiful: If you have the patience and time, this instructional magazine goes in-depth on intricate machine- and hand-sewing techniques like needlework, smocking and embroidery.

Crochet Today! Learn to create fashionable crocheted items for yourself, your family and your home. Everyone from beginners to advanced skill levels can find inspiration in every issue.


For the Traveler

Travel + Leisure: Whether it’s a trip around the world or just a weekend getaway, this magazine provides insider tips on where to stay, what to do and where to eat.

American Road: Looking to create your own adventure? Explore the backroads of America with this quarterly guide on motels, diners and must-see attractions from sea to shining sea.


For the Business-Minded

Inc.: Go-getters looking to start or grow their businesses will find everything from leadership tips, profiles on up-and-comers and reviews on tools of the trade in this popular magazine.

Fast Company: Keep tabs on the very latest in business trends, like social media and must-have gadgets, plus a peek at what’s working for today’s most innovative companies.