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Victoria magazine coverSummer is winding down, but our deals on select magazines are heating up. Select titles are an additional 25 percent off, including these four bestsellers.

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Cooking With Paula Deen: If you love Southern comfort foods, decadent desserts and easy edible gift ideas, this magazine’s got it all. Some content has shifted slightly after Paula’s announcement that she suffers from type 2 diabetes. For example, son Bobby of the Cooking Channel’s “Not My Mama’s Meals” gets space devoted to sharing his healthier take on Mom’s richest recipes.

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Paula Deen

Paula Deen’s Diabetes: Were There Signs She Wanted to Come Clean Sooner?

Cooking With Paula Deen magazine February 2012Paula Deen may have been the queen of comfort food, but now she’s gone public with her type 2 diabetes, and her public is left wondering about her past decisions and her future steps.

Let’s be honest. It didn’t come as that much of a shock when southern celebrity chef Paula Deen went public with her type 2 diabetes. Not with all the deep-frying that goes on in her kitchen or all the super rich ingredients that go into her baking.

But while she rose to fame on sticks of butter and pints of cream, ever so slight shifts in Deen’s magazine content and even her son Bobby’s new pursuits seemed to hint that a change was coming—even well before her announcement.

For starters, Cooking With Paula Deen magazine started including an “On the Lighter Side” feature. It wasn’t that telling because, really, what magazine doesn’t give us pointers on how to lighten up these days? But it seemed to be an acknowledgement—from Paula Deen no less—that it’s OK to eat with one’s health in mind.

Then with Bobby’s recent launch of “Not My Mama’s Meals” on the Cooking Channel, the magazine offered Deen’s youngest the space to give even more healthful tips. Once again, the magazine content reflected the collective shift by paying more attention to our diets.

But now that Deen has come clean, those changes make more sense. Do these subtleties hint at the fact that she wanted to tell us sooner? Maybe. Then again, considering she waited until she finalized a promotional deal for a diabetic drug (one she hadn’t even been taking), it seems a bit duplicitous.

So far, few of Deen’s peers are rushing forward to offer their support. Even her publicist called it quits. Fans are torn, and the rest of us are just confused.

That, according to a Jan. 30 Time magazine article. For so long Deen has celebrated indulgent sweets and southern comfort food to sinful proportions, and we secretly admire her “to-heck-with-it” approach to cooking, says Time, even when we know we shouldn’t.

Before, that might have had more to do with our own health and lack of willpower. But now that Deen has a platform to make a positive impact, let’s hope she uses it—and for something other than gaining questionable promotional deals.