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The 10 Best Magazines for Planning Your Wedding and Happily Ever After

There’s no end to the details that go into planning your wedding and your happily ever after, but here are ten magazines to help get you started.

So much planning goes into your big day—not to mention all the days that come after—that it would be difficult to turn to just one source and expect it to cover every last detail of walking down the aisle and into wedded bliss.

But with a magazine for nearly every subject, these ten can help you address everything from the dress, the hair and the makeup, to the registry, the honeymoon and the happily ever after.

Brides: Once you’ve found Prince Charming, you’ll have to find the perfect dress, and each issue is packed with ideas for what to wear—plus tips from head to toe.

InStyle: Popular for its accessible fashion advice, this magazine is a go-to for hair, makeup and skin care tips to help enhance your beauty on your big day—and your style on your honeymoon.

Shape: Look your best from the inside out on your wedding day with diet and exercise regimens that help get you in shape the healthy way.

Martha Stewart Living: Crafty brides will find plenty of tips on adding seasonal touches to their ceremonies from the domestic diva herself.

Sunset: Incorporate some hometown flair from your or your hubby-to-be’s roots in anything from your décor to your menu with the appropriate regional magazine.

Food & Wine: Find inspiration for the reception menu, tasty cakes, cocktail hour drinks and appetizers, or wine pairing suggestions here.

Consumer Reports: Get the most out of your wedding registry by placing items that make the grade, according to this trusted magazine, on your list.

National Geographic Traveler: From the honeymoon to all those anniversaries, enjoy every trip with this title’s in-depth—and essential—insider information.

Cooking Light: Take care of each other—and even drop that honeymoon weight—by preparing the lighter, healthier recipes (including some vegetarian dishes) in each issue.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Whether you’re combining accounts or making joint investments, this magazine provides common-sense advice on a wealth of financial topics.

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Gifts for Grads in the 7 Most Important Subjects to Keep Studying After Graduation

Consumer Reports June 2012 magazineIt’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but learning doesn’t end with graduation. It’s really just beginning in these seven essential subjects–and we’ve got gift ideas for grads in each.

College graduation is arguably among the most anticipated milestones of a person’s life. So much so that wide-eyed grads may find it difficult to focus on the new world of challenges that come with such achievements.

Living on your own, setting up your household, developing a successful career, budgeting your own money (without the safety net of Mom and Dad), preparing your own meals—those skills aren’t usually covered—at least not in the classroom—en route to earning a diploma.

Despite the excitement of freedom from all-night study sessions and having a steady—and bigger—paycheck, the reality is there’s still a lot to learn—especially about real-world responsibilities. A lot. So to help steer your grad in the right direction, magazine subscriptions and books like these that speak to the most important subjects that lie ahead would make great gifts this commencement season.

1. Finance: It’s never too early for new grads to start saving for the long-term. That means understanding retirement accounts, navigating taxes and making smart choices in personal investments, which are covered in magazines like Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

2. Accounting: Speaking of smart investments, knowing how to select the most reliable car, appliances, electronics and other high-dollar items is another must that comes along after graduation, and Consumer Reports magazine is the go-to source for such reliable buying advice.

3. Political Science: Staying on top of world news and politics takes on greater meaning, especially as grads take on their roles as future leaders and influencers of society. Magazines like Time, Newsweek and The Atlantic are known for their thoughtful commentary on the day’s important topics.

4. Home Ec: Even if your new grad won’t be a homeowner just yet, titles like This Old House and other similar magazines may provide a goal to build toward. If she needs help decorating her new digs, House Beautiful and Real Simple can provide inspiration and budget-friendly tips.

5. Cooking: Assuming more adult responsibilities hopefully means paying more attention to personal health and fitness, like cutting back on ordering pizza and in favor of nutritious options. No time? No problem with books like The Eating Well Healthy In A Hurry Cookbook.

6. Leisure Studies: With less time to focus on studying, there will be more time to explore or devote to personal interests like travel, sports, art, music, gardening and more. Magazines like Sports Illustrated, Budget Travel, National Geographic and books like The Organic Vegetable Gardener are just some of the many options available.

7. Career Development: Within the new grad’s chosen field, there’s still more to learn—and even more will change over the course of it. Help keep him or her educated on emerging trends and the latest news with specialized titles like Psychology Today, Popular Photography and others that speak to nursing, banking, engineering or legal practice.