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4 Thoughtful Ways to Present a Magazine Gift Subscription

Magazine Gift Subscription Holiday Gift Ideas Christmas Shopping Magazine Presentation Wrap IdeasGiving a magazine subscription to someone on your holiday list this year, but not sure how to wrap it? All it takes is a little imagination, and we’re getting you started with these four ideas!

Sure, magazine subscriptions make great gifts because you can find something for everyone—even the hard-to-buy-for—and because your recipient can open them year ‘round. But just how do you wrap one?

There’s plenty of ways to do that, too, and we’ve already shared five ways to creatively wrap your magazine gift subscription—and even five more here. But how to you appropriately capture the experience and inspiration that magazines deliver? You can with these four ways to present a magazine subscription—and take the wrapping to a whole new level.

Make a recipe or craft from the magazine subscription you are giving to your recipient, along with a preview copy of the title you purchase from the newsstand. If you’re not particularly crafty or adept in the kitchen, you can buy items like garden tools to go with Better Homes & Gardens, a yarn organizer to go with Crochet Today!, or a nice baking dish or kitchen gadget to go with Food Network Magazine that your gift will put to good use.

Buy the hottest new item, whether it’s makeup or a fashion accessory or the latest acclaimed DVD or CD that’s featured in the magazine you’re giving. Granted, this means you must know your recipient’s tastes well, but consider the latest scarf trend to go with a subscription to InStyle, the must-have DVD or CD—or your recipient’s fave—to go with Entertainment Weekly or Rolling Stone respectively.

Give a locally-made item that celebrates your recipient’s hometown, region or favorite travel destination to go with a magazine subscription devoted to the same. Think Garden & Gun plus any of its featured Southern-made gifts, Sunset magazine and a recommended wine from the region, or a set of barbecue sauces with Texas Monthly. Even a gift connected to the city will do the trick, like the recording of a favorite musical with New York magazine.

Turn curling up with a magazine into a comfy experience by gifting all the necessities to make it cozy. A gourmet coffee plus a coffee mug and a plush throw or socks will make your recipient look forward to an afternoon with any gift subscription. These items will make reading magazines that regularly feature longer articles, like Reader’s Digest, National Geographic, The Atlantic, or The New Yorker, an especially enjoyable event.

There’s no wrong way to give a magazine this holiday season, but with a little creativity and thought, you can make it an introduction to the educational and entertaining experience receiving a magazine gift subscription can be!

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5 Quick and Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts for Last-Minute Shoppers

Homemade Christmas Gifts‘Tis the season for last-minute shopping, but you can avoid the crowds with these easy homemade gifts. Best of all, they require little to no cooking.

Uh-oh. Crunch time has passed for holiday shopping, but there are still a few people on your “nice” list. You’re afraid you’re out of time and money. But, no need to worry, you’re not quite out of options just yet.

When all else fails–or you want to give something especially heartfelt–you only have to go as far as your kitchen to cross off the rest of your shopping list.

While nearly every food and cooking magazine offers ideas for homemade gifts, these five are some of easiest to make and wrap–especially since you’re running out of time.

1. Quick-and-Easy Dip Mix. Taste of the South magazine’s quick recipe relies heavily on your spice rack, but you should have most of these ingredients on hand. There’s no cooking involved–just mixing–giving you time to work on the presentation. (Note: Don’t forget to include the directions for preparing the dip, which are printed in the magazine.)

2. BBQ Rub. This sweet and spicy rub from Cooking With Paula Deen combines Montreal steak seasoning, brown sugar, paprika and kosher salt–and that’s it. Simply mix, store in an airtight container and present to your favorite grill master. Be sure to let him or her know that this has a shelf life of about two months.

3. Infused Vodkas. No need to turn on the oven for this idea from Martha Stewart Living either. But it will take a few days for your chosen flavor (tangerine, vanilla-cardamom, or pine and juniper) to stand in the liquor before it is strained to remove the solids and gifted.

4. Cider Sachets: OK, so there is some “cooking” involved here, but this suggestion from Food Network Magazine only requires the microwave. These sachets with their blend of orange zest, cardamom, peppercorns, allspice, cloves and cinnamon sticks soaked in apple cider will brighten closets and drawers with their seasonal aroma.

5. Chocolate-Almond Bark With Sea Salt: No homemade gift list would be complete without something sweet on it. And while this DIY treat from Bon Appétit requires cooking, it doesn’t take long. You’ll have to caramelize the almonds and melt the chocolate before playing the waiting game until the mixture sets in the fridge.