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Food Network Magazine March 2012

Food Network Magazine Dishes on All Things Chocolate

Food Network Magazine March 2012 From coffee to pasta to any imaginable chocolate-covered confection, Food Network Magazine’s March issue went cuckoo for cocoa, and the results were indulgently sweet.

Just how much chocolate is too much? Or is there even such a thing? Food Network Magazine’s March “chocolate” issue attempts to answer these questions, as it’s packed with every conceivable variation of one of life’s most delicious weaknesses.

The cover alone promises brownies, cookies, cakes and “chocolate-covered everything.” And that’s just the beginning. Flip through the issue, and the content’s sweet enough to give you a cavity—and that’s without getting into the recipes.

There are chocolate-inspired accessories, like calculators, iPhone cases and purses. There’s a chocolate lover’s bucket list, packed with sweet must-visit spots from coast to coast. Perhaps one of the more intriguing is The Spa At The Hotel Hershey (Pennsylvania, where else?), which offers chocolate facials, cocoa baths, sugar scrubs and mud baths.

For the record, I love chocolate (especially when combined with peanut butter), but I’ve eaten myself miserable on it at times. And that’s almost how I felt thumbing through this issue that’s simply chock-full of chocolate.

That’s not to say there isn’t some good advice in here. The handy rundown on tempering chocolate so the end result is smooth and glossy is a must for anyone who wants to try their hand at chocolate coating anything.

Rather than simply melting chocolate on the stove or in the microwave, Food Network Magazine suggests the addition of 2 teaspoons of shortening per pound. Plus, they advise not to necessarily opt for chocolate chips just because they’ll melt faster. Bar chocolate chopped into pieces is actually the better bet.

Once you’ve got the chocolate melted, the magazine proves that there’s no shortage of options to test it out on. Bacon, cheddar cheese cubes, corn chips, licorice, Saltines, popcorn and grapes are just the beginning of what can be made better (presumably) with a layer of chocolate.

For more traditionalists, creativity can still run wild with endless variations of fudge toppings or brownie combinations. The magazine starts you off with 50 brownie recipes in its featured tear-out booklet.

But if all that seems a little tame for your taste, there’s more–chocolate waffles, chocolate coffee, chocolate pasta. Philadelphia is even introducing a chocolate cream cheese that was wildly popular when tested in the German market.

And here’s even more good news for the chocolate lovers among us: A recent study finds we’re more generous and agreeable than those who aren’t as sugar-indulgent. I guess you could say we’re just sweeter.