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5 Exclusive Winter Vacations Celebrities Love

Celebrities need vacations too! Read where your favorite celebs spend their holidays!

The holidays are the perfect time for a vacation— and celebrities think so too. Each winter your favorite stars retreat to relaxing getaways across the globe, from tropical retreats to snowy winter wonderlands. If you’re searching for star-studded holiday travel options, we’ve come up with 5 of the top winter destinations that are completely luxurious and absolutely celeb-approved. Continue reading

David Beckham

The 5 Most Unique Celebrity Baby Names


The recent birth and naming of Christina Aguilera’s daughter Summer Rain, presumably inspired by watching the weather forecast, has motivated us at Magazines.com to come up with a list of the most unusual celebrity baby names in Hollywood. While a name like North West has already had its fair share of attention in the news, there are plenty of other one-of-a-kind baby names coming out of Hollywood.


PiratePirate Houseman Davis

While it might be every little boy’s dream to become a pirate, Pirate Houseman Davis gets to live out this fantasy every day – for the rest of his life. If he ever dresses as a pirate for Halloween, he’s already a step ahead of other swashbuckling, hook-handed trick-or-treaters, and he can thank parents Jonathan and Deven Davis for this foresight.


David BeckhamHarper Seven

While there is certainly nothing wrong with “Harper,” which is a great name, having a middle name that can be transcribed as a numerical figure pretty much makes up for having a cool first name. The Beckhams decided to name daughter Harper Seven Beckham after the father’s football jersey number. Go figure.



Michael Jackson apparently believed that “blanket” was the perfect name for his newborn son. Perhaps he looked at his child covered up in a comfy blanket and was hit by inspiration. Who really knows?


Audio Science

Actress and musician Shannyn Sossamon and Dallas Clayton thought that a unique first or middle name alone was not enough. Little Audio Science will never have to share a name with anyone else in school – or in any other situation.



Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin of Coldplay named their baby girl after a piece of fruit. While apples are more reminiscent of the produce section than a little girl, little Apple’s parents definitely showed their creative sides when naming their daughter.


Which name do you think is the worst? Are there any other weird celebrity baby names that deserve a spot on our list?


Goldie Hawn Old

Started at the Beginning, Now They’re Here

Do you feel like some of the most successful actors and actresses have been around forever? Well, they have – or at least for several decades. Take a moment to look at what these stars were doing – and what they looked like – then versus now. Who do you think has changed the most?

Liza Minnelli Young

Liza Minnelli Then

Liza Minnelli Old

Liza Minnelli Now

Liza Minnelli

An iconic figure of Broadway films, Liza Minnelli began her career with successful performances in nightclubs and musical theatre venues. As the daughter of Judy Garland and director Vincente Minnelli, she grew up around talent. Her big break came with her performance as Sally Bowles in Cabaret, for which she won an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. With her incredible acting and vocal abilities, it is no surprise that she has won an Oscar, multiple Tony Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and many other awards and honors. Recently, she played Lucille 2 in the cult comedy show Arrested Development, which has been a major hit on Netflix.


Goldie Hawn Then

Goldie Hawn Then

Goldie Hawn Now

Goldie Hawn Now

Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn started her illustrious career on the comedy Good Morning, World. Although she experienced some success in the 60’s, her career trajectory skyrocketed in 1969 after she received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in Cactus Flower. For the next several years, Goldie continued to build her career with movies like The Sugarland Express and television specials like Pure Goldie, The Goldie Hawn Special, and Goldie and Liza Together with Liza Minnelli. More recently, Goldie has branched out from films. She wrote an autobiography called A Locust Grows in the Mud and founded The Hawn Foundation, which is dedicated to providing youth education programs. Today, Goldie lives with her significant other, Kurt Russell, with whom she has had a relationship since 1983. Her children are Kate Hudson, Oliver Hudson, and Wyatt Russell.


Sean Connery Then

Sean Connery Then

Sean Connery

Sean Connery Now

Sean Connery Now

Sean Connery started out as a very small fish in a very large pond. He began as a backstage assistant at the King’s Theatre in 1951 and eventually started auditioning for small roles. Sean was often cast in gangster-type roles in movies like South Pacific and No Road Back. His big break came when he secured the coveted James Bond role in the popular film series, and Connery was such a fantastic Bond that he is the third-greatest hero in film history according to the American Film Institute. Connery was offered the role of Gandalf in the immensely successful Lord of the Rings film trilogy, but he turned it down. Who needs Lord of the Rings when you’re James Bond, right? After his retirement from the James Bond franchise, he has also played voice roles in films and video games alike.


For your viewing pleasure, here are some bonus pictures of Bob Dylan throughout the years.

Bob Dylan Bob Dylan 2 Bob Dylan Old

James Franco

Hot Siblings of Hollywood Stars

We have all enjoyed watching them for years, but what about their siblings? These brothers and sisters of celebrities might not have the same level of fame as their illustrious siblings, but they certainly all have the same attractive genes.

Oliver Hudson

Oliver Hudson

Oliver Hudson

The brother of Kate Hudson, Oliver has also been featured in film. He is most famous for playing Adam Rhodes on Rules of Engagement and, well, for being related to sister Kate and mother Goldie Hawn. 37-year-old Oliver is married to Erinn Bartlett, and they have two sons. Aside from acting, Oliver also enjoys golf and playing poker.


Dave Franco

Dave Franco

Dave Franco

Dave Franco is the little brother of the famed James Franco, known from numerous acts like Spider-Man and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Dave Franco has also garnered some fame in his own right from his roles in movies like Superbad, Charlie St. Cloud, and 21 Jump Street. Dave attended the University of Southern California for a brief period until dropping out to work on his acting career. Recently, Dave has started to receive more fame on his own, and we wish him the best in his future endeavors!


Monica Cruz

Monica Cruz

Monica Cruz

Penelope Cruz’s younger sister is living proof that beauty runs in the family. 37-year-old Monica was born in Spain and, like her sister, is an accomplished dancer. Talented from a young age, Monica attended the prestigious Royal Academy of Dance to receive professional training in both ballet and flamenco. She eventually joined Joaquín Cortés’ flamenco dance company but finally quit to pursue her acting career. When Penelope became pregnant during the production of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Monica filled in on some of the distance shots so that the pregnancy would not be too obvious.


Theses siblings prove that looks and talent can very well run in the family. Which celebrity do you think is the most attractive? Place your vote below!



Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams: Therapist, Housekeeper, and Legacy

Robin Williams 2

In honor of Robin Williams’ incredible talent and in light of the tragic news of his passing this week, we want to take a moment to honor his legacy. Robin was an incredible actor with a career that spanned both television and film. A graduate of Julliard, Robin first entered into the film industry on NBC’s The Richard Pryor Show. With his charismatic presence and ability to truly assume his acting roles, Robin Williams quickly became a legacy in the American movie industry.

Good Will Hunting

Good Will Hunting is one of Robin Williams’ most amazing performances. Playing Dr. Sean Maguire, the therapist of super-genius Will Hunting (Matt Damon), Williams received an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. After getting in an altercation with a former bully, Will Hunting is required to undergo behavioral therapy while studying mathematics to cultivate his untapped intellectual abilities. Sean and Will become close, as Sean is able to break down some of Will’s emotional barriers and Matt Damonconnect with him in a way that even Will’s closest friends and girlfriend cannot. Both Sean and Will have had painful pasts, and Sean challenges Will to see past his emotional trauma, pursue jobs commensurate with his intellectual abilities, and form meaningful, lasting relationships with others. In the end Will eventually follows in Sean’s footsteps of pursuing the woman he loves, and Sean decides to reconnect with his estranged college roommate. Although the plot is compelling, the acting genius of Robin Williams sets this movie as one of the best.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Robin Williams 3

Unlike the serious Good Will Hunting, Mrs. Doubtfire is a clever comedy that has become a staple in American film. Robin plays Daniel, an unemployed actor recently divorced from his wife, Miranda (Sally Fields). Because Miranda receives full custody over their children due to the fact that Daniel is unemployed, the heartbroken father resorts to unconventional methods of seeing his children. When Daniel sees Miranda’s ad for a housekeeper, he decides to dress up as the fictional Mrs. Doubtfire and apply to be their housekeeper. Not only does he get the position, but he does such a fantastic job caring for the children that Miranda and the children agree that life is better with their new nanny. Daniel eventually gets a small acting job, and once his double life is exposed due to conflicting schedules between his acting job and Mrs. Doubtfire’s commitments to the family, Miranda recognizes his contribution to the family and agrees to allow him back into the children’s lives.


Although both of these movies are wonderful examples of Robin Williams’ acting expertise, his contribution to American culture is so much more that what can be expressed in a single article. While we mourn his passing and will miss his charismatic acting, we will always remember him for the legacy that he has left behind. Thank you for a wonderful 63 years, Robin Williams.

What do you think is Robin Williams’ greatest legacy?

Jon Hamm

What Happens When Meryl Streep and Taylor Swift Join Forces?

Meryl_Streep_by_Jack_MitchellWith The Giver coming to theaters in a few days and plenty of other great movies coming out, August is the perfect time for the movies. Use our quick guide to plan movie outings with friends, a date night with that special someone, or family bonding time! Although there are several worthwhile movies debuting in August, these three standouts are especially exciting.


The Giver

Genre: Drama; Science Fiction

Release date: August 15

Rating: PG-13


Taylor Swift

Lois Lowry’s famous book “The Giver” comes to life through the all-star cast of Phillip Noyce’s rendition of the book. The book’s plot is genius and unforgettable, and the cast is promising. A young boy, Jonas, is chosen among all of the members of the idealistic community to take on the responsibility of training to become the town’s Giver, a crucial role in their community. Jonas slowly learns that his responsibilities are more enormous than he ever anticipated. Even if the promise of a good story isn’t convincing enough, a chance to see the 18 Academy Award winner Meryl Streep is a good reason alone to see this film. Other stars include Brenton Thwaites as the protagonist, Jonas, Oscar-winning Jeff Bridges, and even Taylor Swift.


Helen MirrenThe Hundred-Foot Journey

Genre: Drama

Release date: August 8

Rating: PG

The Hundred-Foot Journey uses culinary establishments to touch upon complex issues like displacement, culture differences, and human relationships. The Kadam family, uprooted from their native India, start to build roots in their new French home as they begin an Indian restaurant business. Their new business does not sit well with the established, highly rated French restaurant that is one hundred feet from the new restaurant. The two businesses become rivals until Hassan Kadam’s culinary talent brings peace to the two restaurants by combining elements from both cultural food types. Manish Dayal from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) performs the role of Hassan, and Academy Award winning Helen Mirren plays the French restaurant’s proprietress.


Robin_Wright_2009The Congress

Genre: Drama; Science Fiction

Release date: July 24

Rating: N/A

An actress, well past her prime, agrees to one final job before retirement – digitally recording her likeness to be preserved and used in future film productions. This plotline was originally portrayed in a 2013 French-Israeli version of the movie, and Drafthouse Films saw enough potential in the plot to purchase the rights to produce their own 2014 rendition of the movie.  Robin Wright, especially famous for her role as Jenny in Forrest Gump, promises to put on a good show, while Jon Hamm, Mad Men’s Don Draper, continues to break into the film industry in this film.


Escape the heat and spend some time enjoying these films, and let us know what you think of our recommendations!