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The 10 Best Magazines for Planning Your Wedding and Happily Ever After

There’s no end to the details that go into planning your wedding and your happily ever after, but here are ten magazines to help get you started.

So much planning goes into your big day—not to mention all the days that come after—that it would be difficult to turn to just one source and expect it to cover every last detail of walking down the aisle and into wedded bliss.

But with a magazine for nearly every subject, these ten can help you address everything from the dress, the hair and the makeup, to the registry, the honeymoon and the happily ever after.

Brides: Once you’ve found Prince Charming, you’ll have to find the perfect dress, and each issue is packed with ideas for what to wear—plus tips from head to toe.

InStyle: Popular for its accessible fashion advice, this magazine is a go-to for hair, makeup and skin care tips to help enhance your beauty on your big day—and your style on your honeymoon.

Shape: Look your best from the inside out on your wedding day with diet and exercise regimens that help get you in shape the healthy way.

Martha Stewart Living: Crafty brides will find plenty of tips on adding seasonal touches to their ceremonies from the domestic diva herself.

Sunset: Incorporate some hometown flair from your or your hubby-to-be’s roots in anything from your décor to your menu with the appropriate regional magazine.

Food & Wine: Find inspiration for the reception menu, tasty cakes, cocktail hour drinks and appetizers, or wine pairing suggestions here.

Consumer Reports: Get the most out of your wedding registry by placing items that make the grade, according to this trusted magazine, on your list.

National Geographic Traveler: From the honeymoon to all those anniversaries, enjoy every trip with this title’s in-depth—and essential—insider information.

Cooking Light: Take care of each other—and even drop that honeymoon weight—by preparing the lighter, healthier recipes (including some vegetarian dishes) in each issue.

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance: Whether you’re combining accounts or making joint investments, this magazine provides common-sense advice on a wealth of financial topics.

Time Magazine April 18, 2012 issue

The 5 Most Everyday Influential Innovators from Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential List

Time’s most influential list contains a lot of recognizable names, but the ones with the most sway over our everyday lives might not be so commonly known.

Time magazine just released its 2012 installment of The 100 Most Influential People in the World, and many of those who made the grade are the athletes, pop culture up-and-comers, international politicos and business leaders you’d expect.

But aside from the Jeremy Lins, Adeles, Hillary Clintons and Warren Buffetts of the world, who—when it comes down to it—really has the most influence on our lives? You may not recognize the names of these five innovators (yet), but you should be pretty familiar with why they’re considered so influential.

1. Tim Cook, the man behind the man behind the creation of the revolutionary iPad, is now the newly appointed CEO of Apple. Cook’s performance is earning high praise in the post-Steve Jobs era at the company, which only stands to gain influence in the coming years. By 2016, one study says we’ll be even more dependent on our mobile technology, especially those tablets.

2. Daniel Ek is likely changing the way you’re listening to music—and the way artists feel about online music sharing. Ek is the creator of the popular Spotify app, which allows music lovers to listen to their favorite tunes and share them, legally, with their friends. The free version features ads—which are necessary to pay the musicians. Or you can upgrade to listen ad-free.

3. Sara Blakely is the godsend you turn to when you need a last-minute tummy tuck or to tone up hips and thighs in a hurry. OK, so it’s the popular Spanx line of shapewear that she innovated that does the trick when you haven’t been able to ditch those last frustrating inches before a wedding, high school reunion or any other event where you have to look fabulous.

4. Sarah Burton had nearly all eyes on her—or rather her creation—about a year ago. The designer of Kate Middleton’s royal wedding dress spawned something of a spin-off in the United States, according to Brides magazine’s August 2011 issue, as many women set out to make their own fairy tales, complete with veils, long-sleeved lace gowns and horse-drawn carriages, come true.

5. Ben Rattray can help you with more basic problems, like, say, petitioning your bank to drop its proposed, often much-higher monthly fees. His website, Change.org, is credited with successfully urging banks to do just that. But it doesn’t end there. Anyone can start or support any petition on the site, which keeps track of the changes it’s brought about.