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10 Best Magazines for Halloween Ideas

HalloweenHalloween is just three days away, and that means it’s crunch time. Here are 10 go-to magazines for the best Halloween ideas on the block.

Sometimes Halloween sneaks up on you faster than a mummy in a haunted house. Boo! The big day is almost here and that means it’s time to think up a great dessert to bring to work, throw together a costume and buy some sweet stuff to hand out to the little bell-ringers who will be lining up at your door.

Where do you go for the best ideas of the season? This year, try one of these 10 go-to magazines for tricks and treats that will make it look like you’ve been planning for months (which we all know you haven’t).

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Martha Stewart Living

1. Martha Stewart Living - From spider-shaped pancakes to homemade costumes for kids, Martha’s got everything you need for a fun family fall.

Whole Living Magazine

2. Whole Living – In a season full of candy and cookies, this title offers a healthy and delicious approach to the season.

Family Circle Magazine

3. Family Circle - This magazine is loaded with family friendly tips like quick can’t-miss recipes and pumpkin carving ideas that will light up the night.

Food & Wine Magazine

4. Food & Wine - Get a more gourmet take on the season with this title, with chef-approved scrumptious menus for the season and party ideas that will make Halloween a holiday that even adults enjoy.

Everyday Food Magazine

5. Everyday Food - This title also comes from Martha Stewart, and if offers recipes on everything from the best cupcakes to new takes on comfort foods.

Parenting Magazine

6. Parenting - Halloween is a season full of kids, and you won’t want to brave it without the super creative ideas of Parenting magazine.

Midwest Living Magazine

7. Midwest Living - Pretzel sticks that look like ghosts? Butterfly-covered pumpkins? There’s no end to the fun Halloween-inspired things covering the pages of this one.

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

8. Better Homes & GardensLet this magazine help you decorate your home to reflect the classy colors of the season.

National Geographic Kids

9. National Geographic Kids - This new title is chok full of facts and fun for kids of all ages. Find a costume idea or quiz yourself on some Halloween trivia to see how much you really know about the holiday.

Taste of Home Magazine

10. Taste of Home - Halloween recipes galore will have you tasting the best flavors of fall.


Summer Huggins' first quilt

5 Tips for Making Your First Quilt

Summer Huggins' first quilt

My first quilt (Photo credit: Summer Huggins)

First-time quilter Summer Huggins shares five tips and two magazines that helped her successfully complete her first quilting project.

I’m having so much fun as I continue to hone my sewing skills! I’ve made my first teddy bear and a stack of handbags and cosmetics bags, and I’ve amassed a fabric collection my great-grandmother would be proud of. To top it all off, I’ve become a quilter.

I’ve flirted with the idea of quilting for a while now, but I just couldn’t get over the intimidation. Now, inspired by two modern quilting magazines and my sweet mother just a couple of weeks after her stroke, my intimidation has been washed away, replaced with inspiration and excitement.

Quilting magazines and websites are filled with tips about the right foot to use when machine quilting, new and sustainable fibers and fabrics and videos teaching us how to miter a corner. And now that I’ve completed my first quilt, I have a few tips of my own for anyone who is ready to jump in with me:

  1. Work from a pattern that inspires, encourages. So many patterns out there gave me that “Holy cow, I could never do that!” feeling. But in magazines like Quilter’s World and Quilts and More, a Better Homes & Gardens special interest publication, I found several quilt patterns that filled my head with thoughts like, “That’s beautiful. I bet I could do that!” The patterns on the pages of these magazines are also labeled as perfect for the beginner, intermediate or even “super easy.” I went with “super easy” on my first one.
  2. Don’t work on a deadline. You may want to make a quilt for someone for an upcoming special occasion, but I encourage you to start now and aim for giving the gift on their birthday next year instead. Take your time, enjoy the process and don’t force a deadline on your first quilting project. You don’t want to feel rushed.
  3. Take each step one at a time. Looking at the multi-page instructions may seem overwhelming. I encourage you to read the instructions start to finish before you begin, and then just take it one step at a time. This keeps your quilting project organized and lets you celebrate each step of the process.
  4. Fill it with love. With every bobbin I filled and 10-inch square I ironed, I thought of Mom. I wanted this first quilt to provide her with warmth and add some color to her rehab facility room. Every moment making my first quilt was filled with positive, healing thoughts for her.
  5. Forgive yourself for little mistakes. Sure, if you looked at my first quilt closely, you might see a crooked line or an uneven seam here and there. But if you stood back and looked at the quilt as a whole, I hope you’d give me two thumbs up. It’s handmade after all, and we’re only human. Plus, I plan to just get better and better.

If you decide to start your first quilt, I hope you know I’ll be cheering you on! And please, share a link to a photo of your finished piece. I’d love to see it! Here’s mine.