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The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the Beach

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the Beach

The 10 Best Magazines to Take to the BeachYou’re ready to soak up some sun this summer, but don’t hit the sand without these bright magazines safely stowed in your beach bag.¬†

How long have you been waiting for this summer vacation? You’ve got your spf, your sunglasses, your suit and a giant beach towel. Now all you need are some great summer reads. To help stock your beach bag this summer, we’re listing out the 10 best magazines to take to the beach this year.

For Her:

People: Who doesn’t love a little celebrity gossip while soaking up some rays? Sometimes we all need a little mental break to sit and enjoy our guilty pleasure magazine, and People is it.

Coastal Living: For once you can stare at those beautiful oceanscapes on the page and then look beyond the page to see the real thing in the background. Enjoy the magazine, and when that pang of “Oh I want to be there!” kicks in, just set the magazine down and voila!

Dwell: Totally focused on modern home design both inside and out, Dwell magazine is a great read with beautiful graphic design, and it just seems to speak to that creative side, which you actually have time to nurture while on vacay.

Sunset: Sunset magazine will help you drift peacefully into your tropical paradise. Devoted to everything West Coast, this magazine will add a splash of summer with great tips on everything from green living to food, wine and entertaining.

Health: It’s the best way to catch up on how to stay fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle, all things that just make sense when you’re at the beach with a little time to scheme about the future.

For Him:

Wired: You finally have a chance to sit down and enjoy an entertaining read, and Wired is chock-full of enough new gadgets, inventions and trends to keep you entertained for an entire afternoon of sunning.

Fast Company: This is another good read, with stories of entrepreneurs, trends and business ideas both current and future. And don’t worry — though it has “company” in the title, this read will feel nothing like being at work!

The New Yorker: Great reporting and super interesting stories — need we say more?

Surfer: Even if you don’t have plans to hit the board on this trip, there’s just something fun about thumbing through a surfing magazine while at the beach. And hey, if you feel like a poser, you can always hide it between the pages of one of your other magazines and no one has to know.

ESPN The Magazine: Catch up on the latest sports news and let your mind kick back and relax. Golf anyone?

Enjoy these additional suggestions of quick and easy summer reads–all for less than $10.

How to See the Beauty of a Single Grain of Sand

How to See the Beauty of a Single Grain of Sand

Coastal Living February 2012After seeing photos of magnified and gemlike grains of sand, Dana McCranie reflects on her childhood by the beach, the passing of her father and the value of art.

I grew up 15 minutes from the beach. My father loved the ocean, and living near water was always a requirement for him. I’ll be the first to admit I took this location for granted. I realized this when I went to college in Tuscaloosa, Ala. and no longer had daily access to the sight of the endless ocean and its beautifully crashing waves.

My first job out of college took be back to the beach, and this time I lived just five minutes from the ocean. After that, my husband and I lived in California for the first year of our marriage and then we moved back home to North Alabama. I’ve spent the past 10 years living a full day’s drive from the closest beach, and I desperately miss the luxury of wiggling my toes in the sand on any given day. When I miss the beach, I’ll often pick up Coastal Living magazine and escape within its pages. It sometimes serves as a quick little substitution for being able to actually make a trip.

In the current issue of Costal Living, readers are treated to a different look at sand. The magazine features images that show just how different each grain actually is and how each truly is its own work of art. Former biomedical researcher Gary Greenberg used to spend his time looking through the lens of a microscope at living cancer and nerve cells. “The Secret Life of Sand” tells the story of how one day he put some sand he received from his brother under the microscope. He saw amazing textures, colors and shapes. Greenberg’s discovery changed his life and led to the invention of a new art form. He now photographs grains of sand magnified up to 300 times their size.

The images displayed on the page are so magical they caused my heart to race. I thought of my father, who passed away a year ago, and how much he would have loved this marriage of art and science. He was a brilliant engineer who loved the ocean. These images would have surely generated a wonderful discussion about life, beauty and fishing.

Some of Greenberg’s photos are featured alongside panoramic shots of sunsets and beaches, “to remind people where they came from,” he says. Although I consider Alabama my home, I know that every future visit to the ocean will be a reminder of Daddy and where I came from. At first I counted it strange that these images of sand should take me to such rich thoughts of my dad, but that’s what good art does. It travels through our eyes straight to our hearts.