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Baseball’s Opening Week Brings a Little Something for Every Fan


Ahh, baseball.

If you’re anything like me, you wait, somewhat impatiently, through all of football season to get to that one coveted day in April known simply as “Opening Day.” This year, that day fell on Sunday, April 3rd. In the days since, we’ve seen some fantastic games and some pretty amazing home runs, too. While home runs (Colorado Rockies rookie Trevor Story had three in two games!) and big plays are something every baseball fan keeps an eye out for, this first week has been overshadowed a bit by controversy – already!

The game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays was the first to end in what can only be described as anger and confusion. In the ninth inning, Jose Bautista of the Blue Jays slid into second base, as runners do. However, replay footage  showed Bautista gripping second baseman Logan Forsythe’s right ankle. Was it to interfere with his fielding of the ball? Who really knows, but the newly-developed Rule 6.01 was called upon. This new slide rule states that a runner cannot interfere with the fielder at second base. The runner also isn’t allowed to change his “pathway for the purpose of initiating contact with a fielder.”

Whether Bautista’s slide and subsequent action broke that rule may be hard to tell, but the umpires called it interference. Just like that, Tampa Bay won the game 3-2. Want to see for yourself? Check it out below:

Controversy definitely isn’t the only thing baseball fans have loved about this week. The game between the Detroit Tigers and Miami Marlins could be one of the best early-season comeback wins we’ve ever seen!

Through five innings, the Tigers led 5-0 and pitcher Justin Verlander carried a no-hitter. Amazing, right? It gets better. Giancarlo Stanton gets to the plate and blasts a three-run homer to get the Marlins right back into the game. Wait! It’s gets even better yet. Another player hit a run-scoring double, tying the game at five. In the end, Ian Kinsler hit a run-scoring single in the 11th inning to win it for Detroit, but what a game.

Interested in seeing that Stanton homer? Check it out below:

If you’re one of those baseball fans who just loves it when managers get going, you probably would’ve loved the game between the Texas Rangers and the Seattle Mariners. It was pitcher Tom Wilhemsen’s debut for the Rangers, and boy, was it an ugly one. In the 8th inning, Seattle managed a fabulous run, scoring six runs. Needless to say, the Rangers got a little upset. Wilhemsen hit Chris Iannetta with a pitch, and things seemed to explode.

Iannetta yelled at Wilhemsen. Wilhemsen yelled back, and was ejected a short time later for arguing with the umpire.
Then the managers got into the mix. The Rangers’ Jeff Banister yelled across the diamond to the Mariners’ Scott Servais.
It was…interesting, to say the least, and in the end, the Rangers won 10-2.

Tom Wilhemsen even called the entire thing “ugly and embarrassing” in a post-game interview. You can check that out here:

All of this excitement already – and it’s only the first week of the season! If you’re a baseball devotee, there’s no doubt that you’ll be following your favorite team(s) the rest of the year. Watching the games and checking stats online is commonplace, of course, but are you looking for other ways to keep tabs on America’s Greatest Pastime? We offer some more great options below!

Magazines for Those Who Love the Game

Because no two people follow their favorite teams in the same way, we’ve got some fantastic magazines to keep you up-to-date in everything baseball-related. Let’s take a look at them.


Baseball Digest

The oldest and longest-running baseball publication in America, Baseball Digest delivers the broad spectrum of baseball coverage every devoted fan loves. From team and player profiles to stats and more, everything you need to keep tabs on your favorite team can be found here.


Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated has been a go-to for sports fans since the first issue appeared in 1954. While cover stories change from issue to issue, the magazine’s devotion to quality baseball coverage does not. You’ll find everything you need about your team, as well as league news, stats and other important info to get you through the season.

March 28, 2016

ESPN: The Magazine

This magazine, though newer than Sports Illustrated, is another title that you don’t want to be without, especially if you’re a true baseball fan. Each issue includes in-depth reporting on everything in Major League Baseball, and a special issue –The Pitching Issue – delivers pitching coverage like you’ve never seen before. You won’t want to miss out!


Junior Baseball

The major leagues aren’t the only kind of baseball out there. Sure, it’s popular, but where would your favorite players be today if they hadn’t started playing as kids? Junior Baseball is the perfect magazine for kids and youth coaches. It breaks down tips for batting, pitching, fielding and other facets of the sport, and is great for any youth player looking to improve his or her game.

SI Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids

One of the most popular sports magazines for kids, Sports Illustrated Kids won’t disappoint when it comes to baseball coverage. Kids get the chance to learn about their favorite players and teams, while also getting to see a side of those players off the field. SI Kids is sure to be w hit with kids of all ages.


Beckett Baseball

Here’s one for the collectors out there. Becket Baseball is a popular choice among card collectors, as it allows for easy searching and pricing of baseball cards. Got those old cards handy? Becket can help you understand what they may be worth. If you collect baseball cards, you won’t want to miss out on this title!

And with that, I’ll leave you with my favorite video from Opening Week (so far). There have been some pretty fun anthems!

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: A Spring Training Road Trip for Foodies

Take Me Out to the Ball Game: A Spring Training Road Trip for Foodies

Southern Living magazine March 2012From the best baseball games to the whitest beaches and most delicious fare, Southern Living offers up a three-day spring training Floridian tour.

Opening Day of the 2012 Major League Baseball season is still a few weeks away, but for die-hard fans, it’s not too early to be taken out to the ball game. Spring training is just underway, meaning hope still springs eternal for every team (and fan) since not one has yet been counted out of World Series contention.

The Atlanta Braves, Baltimore Orioles or New York Yankees faithful—or just folks who really, really love baseball and good food—have even more to be thankful for: Southern Living magazine’s March issue maps out a three-day tour of the Sunshine State with spring training stops for each team, must-visit restaurants in each city and even a little sightseeing. Advises the magazine: Better go now before temperatures skyrocket into the summer.

While this three-day jaunt celebrates seeing some of the league’s players up close and personal, it’s just as much a culinary tour—that doesn’t focus on your typical ballpark fare. The trip starts in Lake Buena Vista, Florida with a Braves game, and the recommendation of the blackened tilapia sandwich at the Wide World of Sports Grill during the game. Definitely a step up from peanuts and Cracker Jacks at the old ball game!

Next up is a stop in Tampa to catch the Yankees. But before you see the boys in pinstripes, fuel up at Malio’s Prime Steakhouse, said to be the best place in town for steak and a glass of wine (it boasts a 500-bottle list). Malio’s is also a favorite of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, likely as much for the food as for the memories. Here, he toasted the team’s World Series victories and signed off on pitcher Roger Clemens’ contract.

According to the itinerary, you’ll take in the game on Day two of the trip, and it’s recommended that you get to the stadium early to watch batting practice. (Don’t worry, ladies, there’s some high-end shopping just a few miles from the baseball field.) For the final leg of the journey, you’ll drive a short distance to Sarasota to prep for the Orioles game. But first, get in a little relaxation at the beach, where the sugary white sand is 99 percent quartz.

By the time you get to the stadium, you’ll probably have worked up an appetite. For a taste of the Mid-Atlantic, grab a crab cake sandwich (what else?) during the last game of the trip.