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5 Magazines to Help You and the Family Get Ready for Back to School

Between homework and after-school activities—not to mention dinner and house cleaning—how will you manage? These five magazines have at least some of the answers you’ll need.

It’s that time of year again—time to wonder where the summer went while stocking up on school supplies for the kids. As they head back to school, will life settle in to a familiar routine, or will schedules only get busier?

No matter where you find yourself along that spectrum, you probably wouldn’t turn down any pointers that would help make you feel a little more organized. So as the kids get back into the swing of things, don’t forget to prepare yourself—and stock up on these school supplies with you in mind.

These are five magazines—now just $2 or less an issue in our Back $2 School sale—to help get you and the rest of the family ready to tackle the new year.

All You: Back to school means more field trips, more activities, more money in general. Stay within budget—or below—with this magazine packed with money-saving tips from meals to clothes to everyday expenses.

Real Simple: Brace your home to be overrun with everything from sports equipment, dance gear, backpacks and books with advice on keeping everything in its place with this magazine devoted to all things efficiency.

Cooking Light: Convenience is the name of the game when it comes to providing meals on busy weeknights, snacks for school or desserts for school parties. Quick and easy—and healthy!—recipes for all these and more are the mainstays of each issue.

National Geographic: A subscription to this news weekly will help keep you—and your kids—on top of fascinating history and science topics around the world. Not a bad idea if you’re the source for research paper topics or school projects.

InStyle: Don’t skimp on yourself! When you need a little “me” time, turn to this fashion bible. It contains everything you need to keep your wardrobe, your makeup and your beauty routine in step with the latest trends.