Stuff Now Six Feet Under

, the "lad mag" that competed against Maxim and FHM for bronzed babes and the ad revenue that they can bring, has finally folded. News of its impending doom has been bandied about for weeks, but as The Magazine Death Pool blog notes, it’s all over now but the cryin’:

FHM is gone and Stuff has gone through more identities than Peter Braunstein
when he was on the lam. At various times it was a sort of Maxim clone,
a "toys for boys" guide, a "lifestyle compass for young men," and a
crazed subversive inner tour of questionable mental stability under
Greg Gutfeld.  Despite its "in the shadows" status to Maxim, Stuff
managed to land some
big names on its covers in its heyday, like JLo and Amber from

The Quadrangle Group gets to keep the valuable "Stuff" trademark and
the Reaper has a boatful of Stuff magazine b-list babes which is
causing everything to rock back and forth. If I push away the cobwebs,
the Reaper has a special dark bed under which we will keep our stack of
Stuff magazines. There is now one less place in the world where slasher
flick chicks and "don’t blink" TV actresses can promote their latest

Does Maxim have the market covered on salacious skin pics and the reporting that accompanies them? Or is there now a dirth in the flesh mag market ripe for the picking? Mainstream men’s mags seem to be moving away from this Playboy-lite format to more substantial material. I think the advent of the internet made access to photos of bombshells in bikinis as easy as pointing and clicking, and so Stuff, with little else to offer, has gone the way of the Dodo. Sad day for up-and-coming starlets everywhere who are willing to show a little shoulder.

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