Star Magazine: Suri and Shiloh’s ‘Nannies Tell All’


Don’t the celebrities’ nannies have to sign a confidentiality agreement or something? We’re thinking the staffs of celeb tots Suri Cruise and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt are no exception, but it seems somebody’s talking in Star magazine‘s ‘Nannies Tell All’ this week.

We get that these 4-year-olds certainly have the means to be spoiled brats, what with the endless flow of cash their parents are making, but the celebrity magazine reports princess Suri and tomboy Shiloh are even more out of hand than would be expected.

According to the magazine, Suri is denied nothing and never told
‘no’–not by her staff and not by her parents either. Does Suri want to
chow down on cupcakes at midnight while donning a priceless diamond
tiara? Well, then by all means, Suri gets what Suri wants!

While the magazine describes Shiloh as having ‘a heart of gold,’ there
is talk from the Jolie-Pitt camp that she does have a wild prankster
side. Case in point: decapitating sister Zahara’s dolls. A source tells
Star, “She was playing cowboys and Indians once and she scalped them.”
But don’t worry, folks. Papa “Brad made her apologize.”

And did we mention Shiloh reportedly likes to collect dead animals?

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