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Simple Things to Change in Your Life When the Time and Leaves Change This Spring

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When the time springs forward, here's some other changes you can make to improve your life.

Spring brings new leaves and a new time, so why not a new you? When the clock springs forward this weekend, try some of these simple changes to refresh yourself this season.

Next to the new year, the advent of spring seems to be the most popular season for change. The leaves are changing, the time is changing, so why shouldn’t you?

It’s like a mini do-over of all the resolutions that were broken—or you didn’t start—on January 1.

In light of warmer weather and all the changes coming with it, here’s some of the best good and good-for-you changes you can make in your life starting this spring.

Get rid of the clutter. Oh, boy. This is a big one and a subject most spring magazine issues tackled. Better Homes & Gardens suggested a most fundamental step in organizing what’s behind closed doors first. That way you’ll create new storage space that’s out of sight which will help your overall cleaning efforts, provided you’re not just using it to stow away more clutter.

Get better sleep. Overworked, overextended and maybe occasionally oversleeping, but you never quite feel rested. It’s one of the best ways you can take care of yourself, not to mention it affects your entire day. O, The Oprah Magazine suggested simple tips like working out, eating whole grains and taking a relaxing bath as ways to help you get better Z’s.

Get your beauty routine in order. It’s so easy to load up on beauty products, especially with each promising better results than the last. Now you can eliminate all the excess with Real Simple magazine. It asks the all the basic questions about skin care, hair care and makeup application, and gives step-by-step tips and recommendations for must-have products.

Get a resolution do-over. You haven’t been hitting the gym or volunteering like you resolved to. While there’s no need to completely give up, Good Housekeeping suggests just scaling back your expectations a little. Try to eat breakfast daily, pay cash from this day forward, team up with friends to run errands or work in even simple activity—like jumping rope—for 15 minutes throughout the day.

Get your home spring-ready. For many, sneezing is just another sign spring has sprung. And while we can’t do much about the pollen and other allergens outside, we can do something about the air quality inside our homes. With CleanerFilters.com, a Magazines.com affiliate, you can sign up for at-home air filter delivery so you never have to remember when it needs changing.