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The 5 Hottest Spring Fashion Trends on This Season’s Magazine Covers

spring fashion 2013What are the must-have looks for this spring? Look no further than this season’s magazine covers. Here, we preview the five hottest trends on the must trusted style sources.

The fashion world moves a couple of seasons ahead of the rest of us. That’s why the trends you’re seeing on the covers of February and March magazines are so last fall.

Not because they’re out of style already, but because that’s when the designers unveiled their spring collections on runways in fashion capitals from New York to London and Paris to Milan.

Of all those trendy new looks, these five seem to be the most popular on recent magazine covers. You’ll no doubt be seeing them on plenty more covers, fashion spreads, must-have wardrobe lists and more as the weather turns to spring.

Black and White: This classic pairing never goes out of style. Always chic and polished, this combination is being tabbed as one of the looks for the season. It’s versatile, as well, as evidenced by Beyonce’s understated Vogue cover to the more dramatic, like Drew Barrymore’s dress on Harper’s Bazaar or Selena Gomez’s bold jacket on Nylon’s February cover.

Even design magazine Wallpaper* got in on the fashion action for its first-ever cover-to-cover fashion issue, featuring the popular black and white pairing. Not surprisingly, it took it a step further with the black and white cover that was ultimately placed on a red background.

Ruffles: Of late, ruffles have been a hot look to instantly add a feminine touch to everything from jackets and shirts to pants and dresses. The trend continues its fashionable reign, appearing on the covers of Vogue, Marie Claire and InStyle in the most subtle of ways. They also soften Pink’s more casual look on Redbook’s cover.

Beading: For an instant touch of glam, go for pieces with a little (or a lot) of bling. A beaded neckline provides a memorable pop to the pastel dress Mila Kunis appears in on the cover of InStyle, while Blake Lively gets some all-over sparkle from patterned beading on her orange shirt on People StyleWatch.

Patchwork: Creating your own unique tapestry by mixing various patterns, textures and even fabrics is going to be hot this spring. How bold you are is up to you, whether it’s delicate like Pink’s ruffles-and-lace top paired with a floral jean on Redbook, or more daring like Selena Gomez’s black-and-white block jacket, printed tee and floral shorts on Nylon’s February cover.

Or you can go the easiest route and pick pieces that do the patchwork work for you, like Taylor Swift’s bright checked spring dress on Elle’s March issue.

Sheer Fabrics and Cutouts: This trend makes it easy to show a little skin in even the smallest of ways. Think sheer laces, from necklines like Michelle Williams’ dress on InStyle and Pink’s top on Redbook, or cutouts, like on Shay Mitchell’s dress on Girls’ Life magazine’s March cover.