Soup’s On! Taste-Testing Whole Living’s Tomato Soup With Mozzarella Croutons

tomato_soup_mozzarella_croutons.jpgI may have been the most excited girl in Texas when the calendar flipped over to October. Texas is hot in the summertime, and summertime lasts for six months around here. Not exactly the time of year that a piping hot bowl of soup sounds good.

But now that the weather is cooling off, fresh soup will be one of my favorite go-to meals until the mercury begins to rise again. It’s healthy, hardy and easy to make. A great example: the Tomato Soup With Mozzarella Croutons recipe in the October 2010 issue of Whole Living magazine.

In its “30 Minutes: Buy or DIY?” article, Whole Living takes several popular takeout meals and makes them healthy and quickly at home. This was my first time ever making fresh tomato soup, and I’m very pleased with the results.

I must admit, I strayed from the recipe just a bit. I used only half the chicken stock that it called for, simply because that was all that I had in my pantry. And I didn’t have a basil leaf for the top of the croutons, but I gobbled them up all the same. Soup recipes are forgiving.

My review: Two thumbs up indeed! It was easy, fast, healthy and fresh, and even my husband enjoyed it. There is plenty left over for lunch today. And maybe even tomorrow too.

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