Slimmed-Down Restaurant Salads: Natural Health Magazine Shows Us How

natural_health_magazine_subscription_may2011.jpgWe’re all trying to eat healthier these days. And sometimes that means ordering “just a salad” when we go out for a meal. But have you seen the calorie counts on the average Mexican or Cobb salad? You might as well just go for the biggest burger on the menu.

The June issue of Natural Health magazine is turning five of our favorite restaurant salads upside down, shaking out some of the calories and giving us the full recipes so that we can make these popular salads at home and watch our weight at the same time.

In “Calorie-Bomb Salads Defused,” Los Angeles-based executive chef Kristi Ritchey shares her healthier versions of Greek, orchard, Cobb, Mexican and niçoise salads. In one instance, she slimmed down the calorie count by almost 80 percent. If the colorful and mouth-watering pictures deliver on taste, you won’t know that a single calorie was missing.

Five salads, fewer calories, and no money spent on restaurant dining. I think my next week of dinners is planned!

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  • Summer Huggins

     I agree! Natural Health is quickly becoming one of my faves!