Six Things to Read in Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine This November

kiplingerspersonalfinance_november2010.jpgThere’s something refreshingly compelling about Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine‘s bright, sunny November cover. The cover photo shows a glass pitcher of what might be lemonade with slices of lemons floating about and a large lemon-yellow dollar sign in the center of the concoction.

This month’s cover story is about how to profit in today’s economy. That’s just one of the interesting and potentially useful stories in this issue. Here’s a rundown.

  1. Fashionable stocks. As in, stocks associated with clothing and accessories stores. Among the recommendations: Fossil, Aéropostale and Coach. Have you ever braved a Coach outlet store, especially when there’s a sale on? I can believe that stock’s on the move. (I, by the way, am the epitome of calm–and speed–at Coach outlets.) 
  2. Mad Money” madness. An analysis of TV financial adviser Jim Cramer’s tactics, including likening his set to a casino with its bright lights and loud noises.
  3. Rent party. Getting back to the cover story, one of those ways to turn a profit is to concentrate on the surging rental market as people rethink home ownership.
  4. Backup plan. Remember last year’s harsh winter? Get ready for possible power outages with this selection that includes a TV, radio, power pack, etc.
  5. Loan paperwork. This article offers the inside scoop on what you’ll need to qualify for different sorts of loans–home, car, credit cards–and to get the best rates in the current financial climate.
  6. Reality weddings. Had enough of bridezillas and over-the-top nuptials? You’ll love the “Money & Ethics” column wherein parents ask advice on countering their daughter’s wishes for a blow-out wedding and encouraging the young couple to do something wiser with the money instead. Good luck with that.