Six Stories That Saved O, the Oprah Magazine’s January Issue

oprah_january2011.jpgHere’s a challenge: How do you handle the traditional January topics of self-help and reinvention when your magazine covers those topics in every issue? It’s a tough assignment and when I first read this month’s O, the Oprah Magazine, I was not all that impressed. As I got further into the collection of features, things began to look up.

Pages of Pages. The book section was good, per usual, with a selection of new titles including two about Jackie O., along with books that made a difference to author Pat Conroy.

Artsy Fashion. A fashion spread of clothing, makeup and accessories inspired by Modernism. Clean lines, punches of color and “8 Musts for a Modernist Wardrobe.”

40 Winks. Remember when you fought to stay up past your bedtime? Who wouldn’t welcome an early night now? This story talks about why we need sleep and ways to prepare yourself to nod off…zzzzzzzzzzz.

Top of the World. This inspirational story (I know, who could have seen that coming?) about a teen and her mother climbing Mount Everest might have been even better with more about the adventure and less exposure of all the family’s private details.

Financial Planner. Suze Orman lays out what you need to think about during each month of the year with tips on cleaning out files, checking your credit report, and dealing with taxes.

What to Watch. OWN, Oprah’s new network, debuted this month and the magazine offers a preview–there’s a nifty crossover of the brand for you–for both those with and those without access to the channel.