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Tips to Simplify Spring Maintenance Around Your Home

Simplify Spring Cleaning

Pressure washing is just one of many recommended spring home maintenance chores.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, even more so if you don’t have a checklist or a plan. Here we offer tips to simplify the process and help you complete each one.

If you’re still trying to catch up on that precious hour of sleep you lost last weekend, you’re probably not thinking too much about starting those annual spring cleaning chores—and there are plenty.

Any Google search will yield a lengthy list (and even handy checklists) to get you started on everything from cleaning out the rain gutters to inspecting the AC and all the other preventative maintenance and checkups your home needs annually.

It can be overwhelming, especially since you only got an extra hour of daylight—not a day or two—to dedicate to playing handyman (or woman) around the house.

But with a few simple steps, you can create a manageable home inspection plan every spring that goes beyond just replacing the batteries in the smoke detectors.

Using Google Calendar or any other calendar program of your preference, set reminders to do things like wash the windows, clean the rain gutters, inspect the AC, pressure wash your home or re-seal the deck. Break them up over several weekends if needed.

For a really thorough checkup and cleaning, review multiple sites and their checklists, then customize one for your home. (These lists from Kiplinger and FamilyEducation.com are good places to start.)

Of course, there will be plenty to do on the inside of the home once the outside has been cleaned and inspected, such as testing smoke detectors and alarms, unclogging drains and organizing closets.

By now, you’re probably hoping you had some (more) help, and while we can’t do it all for you, there’s one item on the list we can help check off your list.

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    HomeSpot HQ allows helps homeowners setup a customized home maintenance checklist with automatic email reminders.

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