She Still Wants Her British Vogue Cover (Even After the Six She Forgot)

Was Naomi Campbell lying? Because she certainly couldn’t have forgotten. How do you appear six times on the cover of a prestigious fashion magazine only to exclaim later that you asked and asked but were never allowed?:

"I’ve never been on the cover of British Vogue and I’ve asked a
million times and they’ve always refused me," Campbell insisted at the
Blacks in Fashion event.

"They’ll put the same white model for half the year — I swear like
six times, but wouldn’t put me on once in my own country. But I still
want my British Vogue cover!"

And to cite racism as the reason? That’s both bizarre and a disservice to real arguments about lack of color on magazine covers.

Perhaps Naomi Campbell is making all this noise about racist fashion rag editors who prefer a lighter shade of pale because her career is coming to a dead halt. I think there is some validity to her proclamation that white models get preferences on editorial pages over their minority counterparts, but to make such asinine statements as, "I asked but they refused," does nothing to highlight the disparity. In fact, it takes away from it.

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