Wendy Williams Pleases Fans with Two Essence Magazine Covers

Essence_magazine_subscription_201105_1.jpgShe said she was “pleased to being go home” after being ousted from
Dancing with the Stars” on Tuesday, but Wendy Williams fans with an
Essence magazine subscription need not fear going without their favorite
talk show host. Besides getting their fix of the TV personality daily
with “The Wendy Williams Show,” fans can look to TWO covers featuring
Williams for the May Issue.

After her elimination Tuesday night, Williams told the press, “I am not pleased with the scores, but I am pleased to be going home. I am relieved because I’m getting back on a jet and going back to everything that’s near and dear me that I have neglected personally for this six-week journey.”

In the cover story for the magazine’s first ever “Girlfriends Issue,” the “fun and fab talk show queen” is giving up some “true confessions.” Wonder if any of those include details and secrets from the ballroom or rehearsal time with her pro dancing partner Tony Dovolani. You know, aside from her exit interview where she admitted, “This is one black girl who can’t even do the Running Man.”
Essence_magazine_subscription_201105_2.jpgWhatever she’s lacking in dance skills, Williams believes she makes up
for in doling out advice to her friends and viewers on her show. She
tells the magazine, “I’m the girlfriend in your head who’s got a few
miles on her and will give you the best advice I can.”

self-aware, she acknowledges, “I know I make some people cringe. But I
also know my willingness to expose myself, warts and all, is part of the
reason people are drawn to me. With me, what you see is what you get.”
Must be working, because fans can’t seem to get enough of Williams–off the dance floor, that is.

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