Why I Learned to Love Sewing With Mom

Sewing With MomAn (eventual) love of sewing brought this mother-daughter pair closer, but they get more than quality time together out of the craft. It’s good for the closet—and the mind.

When I was a kid and would go back-to-school shopping with my mother and grandmother, I would always find something I just had to have—a new skirt, a great shirt, maybe a dress. My “please, please!” often received a “we can make that at home for much less” reply.

So Mom and Gran started teaching me to sew when I was in junior high. Skirts, Christmas stockings and ornaments, stuffed animals—I was good at it, but didn’t love it back then.

But what I did appreciate about it was the Sunday afternoons, when after a full home-cooked lunch, Mom, Gran and I would spend time together in the craft room—no TVs, no computers, no distractions.

We’d pick out fabric, sift through a huge bucket of buttons trying to find just the right one and always end up laughing about something.

About a year ago, I took up sewing again after a multi-year hiatus. And now I love it! Mom and I enjoy shopping for beautiful fabric together and taking classes at a cute little local shop here in Austin, Texas. I jump at any chance to sew with her. Why?

  1. It’s quality time together. Just like those Sunday afternoons back in junior high, spending time with Mom and a sewing machine is excellent time together. We laugh and learn and encourage each other along the way.
  2. It’s a stress reliever. Studies show that participating in a hobby can be a good stress reliever. It can take your mind off of the day’s worries and challenges, and the end product can feel like a victory.
  3. It’s good for the mind. We all keep hearing about the importance of keeping our minds active and healthy, which in turn keeps them young. Engaging in a hobby such as sewing keeps our minds and hands active.


  • Dana McCranie

    Summer – I so want to come sew with you and your Mom! ;)

  • Summer Huggins

    Come on down, Dana. We have a blast!