Self-Serving: Sifting Through Ads to Find Content in the November Issue

self_november2010.jpgI’m generally a fan of Self magazine. I like the balance of content focusing on health, fitness, beauty and style. And you know I love the tear-out cards. But November’s issue left a bad taste in my mouth.

I understand that magazines live and thrive largely because of the revenue generated by the print ads inside. I’ve even been swayed to make a purchase or two based on advertisements within the pages. Don’t get me wrong: They work! But when the content gets lost in the ads, I can’t help but feel a bit cheated.

When I opened the November 2010 issue of Self, I started turning pages to find the table of contents. And I turned. And I turned. And I turned. The table of contents didn’t appear until pages 8 and 12. That’s 10 pages of ads in the first 12 of the magazine!

From there, I had a hard time focusing on the content and felt more overwhelmed by the glossy ads. Once I was able to separate the ads from the content though, I did find some nuggets. I hope you won’t miss these when you’re thumbing through your issue:

  • “425 Cigarettes” is the number that the average smoker lights up each month. (Wow, that’s a lot of cigarettes!) If you’re one of these smokers, and you’re ready to quit, identifying your smoking personality–do you smoke to be social, when you’re stressed out, or to keep your weight under control?–will help you find the right path toward quitting.

  • It seems like my husband can drop 5 pounds without even really trying, but when I sweat and starve and cry about it, I’m lucky to lose 2 during the same time frame. “Lose Weight Like a Guy” explains the differences and gives us girls the tips we need to lose those pounds just as fast as our male counterparts. Watch out, honey!
  • Detox diets are hot right now, touted as a quick and cleansing weight-loss option. “Detox Diets Debunked” looks at different reasons for considering such a diet and offers six hints that the one you’ve chosen might be dangerous. A must-read for anyone considering hitting the juice.