Moll Anderson’s Seductive Palette™ Challenge

Did you realize that the colors you don speak volumes about you? There are thousands of colors for every shade to express who you want to be—a flirtatious fun loving single woman, or maybe even a sexy seductress wife—different colors convey different meanings.

This week I encourage you to take the seductive palette™ challenge! You can bring these hues into your daily life in any way you desire! I want you to let the desire for fun, fabulous hues take over and allow the zest of radiant shades enliven your days. There are a myriad of brilliant colors to choose from, but don’t over think it—go with what makes your heart happy. Taking this easy step to a more vibrant life will leave you feeling more energetic and can quickly elevate your mood. Color holds a great power to add a splash of wow to your daily routine.

7 Days of Seductive

Monday: Rev It Up Red
Starting your week off with the color red will keep you in touch with your sensual side all week long. The more in touch you become with your sensuality, the more you will realize how vital it is to awaken your spirit and live every day in an atmosphere that fuels your passion. If you have any ruby jewelry, break it out and give it a good wearing! If you don’t own anything ruby, you can purchase look-a-likes for an inexpensive but still satisfying look.

Tuesday: I Love Me Pink

This dose of pink will enthusiastically inspire you to truly love yourself and everyone else. It’s the universal color of love—it has the power to soothe the heart and fill it with joy, peace, playfulness and tenderness. Not everyone feels comfortable wearing the color pink, so how about a gorgeous pink lip—there are a multitude of different shades of pink that will keep you blushing all day long!

Wednesday: Orange You Brave
To get over the hump of the week, let’s go orange. Pick up some vivid florals to get the energy up in your space! Tulips, lilies, or roses would all be fantastic choices to keep the orange color in your home for the rest of the week!

Thursday: Lift Me Up Lemon
Start your Thursday off right with a burst of loud! Think—a yellow cardigan, scarf or bracelet! Your day will be filled with cheerfulness and will be infectious to everyone around you. Your sunny and dynamic apparel will be sure to leave them feeling bright.

Friday: In the Lime Light

By the time Friday rolls around, you need to shine the light on those desires you have tucked back into the darkness of your mind, and it’s time to start living front and center! I’m all for a luminous nail color and I think a lime green is just the way to go, you see your nails a lot during that day—so it will refresh your focus nearly constantly.

Saturday: Charismatic Cerulean
Blue is the color of mental clarity and intelligence. So, think about incorporating blue into your home so that you feel this way all the time! Clear the clutter out and turn anything negative into a positive. If there is a room in your home that you just don’t feel connected to, I suggest bringing in some blue; new pillows on the couch, new rug in the kitchen, or maybe a stack of new towels in your guest bathroom? Whatever compels you, just do it!

Sunday: Vivacious Violet
Spend Sunday in a state of purple relaxation—purple encourages deep contemplation and mediation and will soothe you into a peaceful place. Indulge in a purple haze by setting up an amethyst scene in your home. A simple breakfast in bed tray will be just perfect! The color purple will help you heal from the week and get you ready to take on the next!

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  • Cindy Ratzlaff

    I love cerulean blue and knowing that it’s the color of mental clarity means I’m giving myself permission to go shopping! Thanks Moll.