Reuse and Recycle… the Pages of Whole Living Magazine

recycled_holiday_bow.jpgWhen I was growing up, my great-grandmother (who I had the privilege of knowing for almost 30 years of my life) would save all the used wrapping and tissue paper at Christmas. When we were finished opening presents, she’d salvage the pieces that were still in decent shape rather than throwing them into the garbage.

In her mind, she was being thrifty. In my mind, it was a little nuts. It’s just paper; we can buy more next year.

Now, as I live a healthier life, I better appreciate what she was doing. I’m always trying to treat the world around me with a little more respect. That means recycling, keeping trash to a minimum and even composting right on my kitchen counter.

Whole Living magazine has a recycled craft project in its December issue that Granny would have loved and that I just couldn’t wait to try. I hunted down my double-sided tape, and, with a little hesitation, ripped a page right from the issue. I picked an all-white page from “The Case for Chaos” article–it seemed like a good idea for several reasons. And I made a bow!

It’s very simple: The page is cut into nine strips of different lengths. Loops are made. Tape holds the loops together. A bow! My first attempt was a little rough, but I’ll get the hang of it.

By making these bows, I’ve done some recycling, and friends and family can then recycle them again.

Granny would be proud.