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7 Magazines to Curl Up With This Summer Featuring Savings Up to 90% Off Red Tag SaleWant to take it easier this summer? If so, we recommend curling up with these seven magazines. Right now, save up to 90% on these and other popular titles in our red tag sale!

OK, so unless you’re a teacher, independently wealthy or somehow living the dream, you probably don’t get summers off.

And, be honest, you’re probably feeling a twinge of jealousy at your (or other) children now that their carefree days will soon be upon them.

While we haven’t quite figured out a way your days can be as carefree as theirs, we can at least offer a means of relaxation and entertainment. (But it will be up to those kids how many uninterrupted hours of that you get.)

Maybe it seems ironic that we’re suggesting the best magazines to curl up with this summer—titles that boast impressive long-form journalism—when probably once upon a time you were pretty adamant about celebrating a break from books. (Except for those of us who never took a break from them.)

Basically, if you appreciate good reading and good writing, these seven magazines are just what you’re looking for—and for a limited time, they’re on sale at up to 90 percent off during our Red Tag Sale.

1. Time: How do the latest headlines affect you? Find out in this newsweekly featuring in-depth reads on multiple subjects, like politics, business, foreign affairs, technology, social issues and more.

2. Popular Science: Feed your curiosity about how the world around you works by reading the mix of short and long pieces covering the latest trends in this science and technology magazine.

3. Sports Illustrated: More than just stats and scores, SI features a thought-provoking examination of the hottest developments in the world of sports, ranging from rumors, scandal, tragedy and triumph.

4. Rolling Stone: Sure, this iconic magazine is a must for music lovers, but fans of great writing will be just as interested in the political, social and cultural coverage that’s a hallmark of every issue.

5. Esquire: Billed as a magazine for men, the content covers style advice, workplace tips, political commentary, relationship pointers and other smart editorial.

6. New York Magazine: The American Society of Magazine Editor’s pick for Magazine of the Year, this one examines a range of sophisticated topics of interest inside—and outside—the Big Apple.

7. Smithsonian: Published by the namesake museum, this magazine illuminates subjects of historical significance and modern innovation in well-written features and eye-catching photography.