Real Estate Reading

kiplingers_july2010.jpgBefore readers can follow the moving advice offered in recent Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine, they’ll likely need to buy or sell their current digs. Fortunately you’re covered there as well.

In the May 2010 Kiplinger’s Personal Finance magazine (the same issue with the advice on moving), the “Living” section was mostly about buying a home. In one story, Kiplinger’s staff writer Thomas M. Anderson discussed his D.C.-based search, from crunching the numbers to first-time buyer’s credits beyond the (now expired) federal ones.
Anderson also made a point that house-seekers who are fed on a steady diet of HGTV might need to consider: namely that tiny, less-than-perfectly constructed places stuffed full of “stainless and granite” aren’t the best buys. (Don’t get me wrong, I looooooove “House Hunters,” especially episodes set in Paris, London, Rome, Berlin. Sigh. I also loved “What You Get for the Money” and “National Open House.” HGTV, are you getting this?)

Getting back to Kiplinger’s, the May issue also included “Kip Tips” on negotiating closing details (date, costs, etc.), foreclosures and short sales.

Great, but what about selling your current place? Well, two pages of Money magazine‘s “100 Smartest Things to Do With Your Money” feature were about selling one’s home. Tips included hiring a professional photographer to shoot your house, following up with open house attendees, and convincing your agent to accept a lower commission.

The selling advice I liked best, though, was in Kiplinger’s April “Living” section: “Buyers are on a blind date with your home,” the story reads, “and they want love at first sight.” Succinct and evocative; perfect.