Quilting Arts magazine April/May 2012

Quilting Arts Gets Creative with Fabric Houses

Quilting Arts magazine April/May 2012Blogger Dana McCranie has never considered herself a quilter, but a recent article in Quilting Arts had her yearning for the skill.

Oh quilting, how I long to know your ways. For a person who has no idea how to quilt, I spend a remarkable amount of time thinking about it. It’s just one of those crafts I look at and wonder if I’ll ever learn.

My sweet grandmother tried to teach me, but it never quite took. I often read Quilting Arts magazine and just daydream about what my quilts will someday look like–if I ever find someone with enough patience to see me through the process.

In the current issue of Quilting Arts, I discovered a whole new level of motivation to learn this wonderful craft in an article titled “It takes a Village: Make a Unique Fabric House.”

The article kicks off with a photo of a little village of fabric houses complete with fabric trees. Seeing this three-dimensional exhibit created by quilters pushing their medium to new limits further ignited my desire to learn their craft.

Artist Kathy York was inspired by Painted Threads artist Judy Coates Perez’s three-dimensional houses and the old adage that it takes a village to raise a child. York acted on this inspiration by inviting 16 artists to create their own fabric houses to share at the International Quilt Festival/Houston last fall.

Each house in the photo seems to have its own inspiration. York shares that her inspiration was hot flashes. I loved having insight into the spark that led to her creation and then seeing where her capable hands took her from there. York also treats readers to instructions on how to make their own houses, complete with patterns and dimensions.

Although I (still) don’t quilt and am not too swift with my sewing machine either, this article makes me want to throw caution to the wind and give it a try. I think any article in a craft magazine that motivates the reader to want to run and make their own version is a smashing success. As artists, can we ask for anything more than to provide a little inspiration to another?