Pure DKNY Fragrance Ad in Real Simple Magazine is Pure Genius

realsimple_october2010.jpgI hate scented perfume ads in magazines. I usually go through looking for the little devils as soon as magazines come in because my allergies are bad enough without these little scent bombs to set them off. Every now and then one or two elude my first sniff and remain in the magazine until I sit down for a good read.

That’s how I happened to notice the Pure DKNY ad in the October 2010 Real Simple magazine.

I was just about to dive into the issue when I came across a scent-strip ad for Calvin Klein’s Beauty. Nice fragrance, I thought, as I ripped the page out of the magazine.

Then I came across the next perfume ad. Ripped it out too, and that’s when I noticed how cool it is.

Not just a slippery page with a heavily scented strip down one side, this is a masterpiece of magazine advertising. The page has three squares marked with intriguing phrases that make it hard to ignore the subtle “open here” markings.

One square says “pure responsibility,” and the text underneath talks about the perfume’s environmentally friendly packaging. Another square, “pure difference,” discusses the company’s relationship with CARE. The third square reveals a promotion partnership between Nordstrom, Pure and Real Simple magazine.

Oh, yeah, a trio of perfume bottles on the page lift up to reveal a hint the fragrance. I’ll just leave that one unopened.