Procrastinate Further: Get Organized

I have organizational problems. I save every file to my desktop, have a catch all box in my house with everything from combs to bills in it and keep "neat piles" of everything else. I organize purely out of necessity, and I’m terrible at it. Which is why I need to get my hands on this bi-monthly read made for people like me. (Okay, made for people whom I need to emulate.) This neatnik blogger loves Organize, the magazine:

Have you seen the new Organize magazine
yet? When our first issue arrived, I literally stopped cleaning my sock
drawer to devour its hundreds of tips and tricks. In fact, I marked so
many pages as ideas, that I ran out of tape flags. That is a great magazine.
fact, we’ve been so busy reorganizing our life from their great
articles that we almost dog-eared the first issue before sharing it
with you. [Read more.]

I could definitely use some tips and tricks on how to clean up my clutter, and this magazine certainly seems to deliver.

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