“Pretty Little Liars” Star Lucy Hale Distinguishes Herself From Her TV Character in Girls’ Life Magazine

GL_201012_201101.jpgLucy Hale, star of ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars” is looking fresh and festive on the December/January cover of Girls’ Life magazine. And while the real-life 21-year-old looks age-appropriate for the magazine, her character Aria Montgomery is a little racy for teen viewers.

Montgomery is a high school teen in the throes of a hot, controversial romance–with her English teacher. Am I the only mom who thinks this is potentially dangerous, or is that just the former English teacher in me taking offense to the insinuation that teachers can be less the professional? Either way, do we really need kids to consider an illegal relationship as romantic? Please try harder, ABC Family!

Off-camera, Hale, a former Southern belle raised in Memphis, Tenn., swears she’s just like her teenage fans (“so boy crazy!”) and adores Taylor Swift. As for the Hollywood crush she would have most liked to have found herself with under
the mistletoe during the holiday season, Hale admits, “I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He’s
adorable, so he’d be my pick!”

Not that she’s in any hurry to be
tied down to Gordon-Levitt or any other guy for that matter. “It’s not that I don’t want a boyfriend, I just don’t have the time
right now,” she says.

The busy actress has her sights set on her career
and bettering herself, but that confidence wasn’t always there. Hale
confesses to the teen magazine that she went through her awkward
phases, feeling uncomfortable around her peers–a good message for teen
readers to hear.

wore braces for 2 1/2 years,” she says. “It was an awkward time when I didn’t like
the way I looked.” Still, she’s quick to add, “It was definitely well
worth the pain when I got them off. I couldn’t stop smiling and feeling
my teeth with my tongue.” Anyone who’s had braces has been there.

Okay, Hale is coming across as a little more relatable.

drive home the point that she’s not at all like her overly confident
and self-assured character, Hale tells the magazine, “Some days, I wish
I had different hair. I wish I was taller–I’m only 5 feet 2.” But
she’s decided to make the most of what she’s got going for her, saying,
“That was sort of tough for me for a while, but you learn to embrace
what you’ve got… and just wear heels!”

There’s some wisdom a girl of any age can learn from.

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