Life & Style: Amber Portwood’s Life ‘Ruined’ Thanks to ‘Teen Mom’


According to Life & Style Weekly magazine, “Teen Mom” star Amber Portwood is ready to bite the hand that’s feeds her–and given her penchant for domestic violence, that’s a real and serious threat, folks.

She’s a free woman–for now. Portwood was released from jail
December 28 after posting bail, but she still faces four criminal
charges: “two counts of domestic battery, one count of neglect of a
dependent and one misdemeanor charge of domestic violence…”

Now the MTV reality ‘star’ is telling the celebrity magazine the series has ‘ruined’ her life. She says, “I wouldn’t have been in jail because nobody would have known about it.”

Well, at least we know who to blame, huh?

Portwood’s brother, Shawn, sees things with a bit more perspective, telling the magazine, “Before that scene of her hitting Gary aired, she didn’t have problems.” Hmm… we beg to differ.

Shawn continues, “I can’t say completely that it’s the show’s fault
because obviously my sister did it. But Amber and Gary asked them not
to air the fight because they knew this legal stuff would happen. Now
my sister gets death threats, and my niece’s life is in turmoil.”
If Portwood is convicted, she could face up to three years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

All this ‘turmoil’ has the ‘teen mom’ questioning whether or not she wants to continue with the show.

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  • Floresiris33

    look im 19 and have two kids i started young and honestly if i was in her position like if i had a bad temper i would had not been on the show just to know that everybody going to see how i act umm no i would be thinking about my kids first and how amber acted on the sohw seemed like she didnt care about baby girl leah whats so ever seem like she was just thinking of her happiness trying to please her self not leah she shouldent had put her self out there like a bad mom if she dont want nobody talking bout her ya everybody need a 2nd chance but dont mess up that chance tho!!

  • Anonymous

    You’re right! Everybody deserves a second chance. I keep hoping they’ll take better care with it though.