Star Magazine Names ‘Best & Worst Winter Beach Bodies’


We’re months away from summer, but Star magazine is rolling out its ‘best & worst’ celebrity bodies for winter beach getaways. And no one is being spared–not even America’s sweethearts or even Oscar-winnners. Brace yourselves, Hollywood. This could get ugly.

There are a few no-brainers, like Kendra Wilkinson, who seems to make a career out of ‘getting her pre-baby body back.’ The celebrity magazine calls Hank Baskett’s feisty wife a ‘red hot mama’ in her skimpy two-piece.

Jennifer Aniston fans will recognize the 40-something hot tamale’s tush
in, what else, a teensy little bikini in some far-off tropical locale,
complete with floppy beach hat. We should all be so lucky to look that
good–at any age.

Eat Pray Love star Julia Roberts doesn’t fair so well in the
magazine’s lineup, which calls the Oscar-winner ‘lumpy and frumpy.’
Really? How can you be so cruel to THE Pretty Woman? Personally,
we like the actress’s cute bikini bottoms, which she paired with a
simple gray tank. Surely, that should have earned Roberts some points
in the ranks?

Definitely a ‘best’ for the magazine–and certainly no shocker–is Kim
Kardashian and her ba-donk-a-donk, a combination Star simply calls
‘bootilicious.’ Here, she’s dressed conservatively compared with her
W magazine spread.

Yes, Tinseltown’s elite is getting the harsh treatment this week–and
just before they were all set to tuck into a nice big plate of holiday
goodness. Let’s just say we’re glad bathing suit season is still far
away for the rest of us mere mortals.

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