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November 9, 2010

Garrett Hedlund Covers 2 Magazine, Talks ‘Tron: Legacy’


The latest issue of 2 Magazine is introducting readers to Garrett Hedlund, an actor who will soon be a household name. The Minnesota native, best known for his work in Eragon, is starring in the upcoming Tron:Legacy, which releases in December.

The brooding 26-year-old actor is talking to the magazine about his first job as a wannabe fry-boy at McDonald’s and working his way up to acting gigs in Troy and Tron: Legacy.

Hedlund tells the magazine his role in the action flick as Sam Flynn
was physically challenging. “Yes, the film was filled with action.
Between parkour, capoeira, and the motorcycle riding, it’s one
action-packed sequence to another. The wire works and doing the stunts
was physically very demanding.”

Of course, it makes it easier to
meet the demands of such a role when Olivia Wilde is along for the
ride. Says Hedlund, “Being on that journey with Olivia was a great
experience. I’d be dropping 40 feet from a wire rig as she was doing
spin kicks in heels. We were in it together.”

To see Hedlund and Wilde kick and spin their way to holiday blockbuster status, check out Tron: Legacy when it opens in theaters December 17.

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