Pinterest pinboard

Pinterest: A Website That Feels a Bit Like Coming Home

Pinterest pinboard

The website Pinterest allows you to create pinboards about various topics and populate them with images and ideas.

As I write this, I’m waiting to board a plane in New York City. I’m homeward bound and with every beat of my heart, my excitement to see my husband and children grows. I love to travel, but there is absolutely nothing like the feeling of returning home.

I had a similar feeling when I was recently introduced to the website I had to request an invite and wait about a day for it to come through. From the first moment I arrived at the site, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of both excitement and ease. The corners of my smile widened as if I was running into an old friend on the street.

The site is set up like a pinboard where you organize images of the amazing things you find within the site. You can find out more about how others use the site and what you can find there on Pinterest’s About page. I describe it as a mecca for all things beautiful.

You create your own boards where you re-pin photos of things that interest you. Whether it is a photo of a shelf made from old suitcases or a recipe for peanut butter frozen yogurt, you can arrange the items however you like. Currently I have 18 boards and 99 pins. I am following the pins of 49 other Pinterest friends. You can re-pin things to your boards and you can also share them in several ways, including Facebook and Twitter.

As you build your boards and network within the site, each visit gets better as your home page view fills with images of things that delight and inspire you. I find that every time I visit my home page, the experience becomes more personal. In the way that seems to get a little better at closing in on music I love, as I follow certain people and re-pin items, it seems my Pinterest experience gets better and better.

Each visit becomes more reflective of my own personal style and it is an Internet experience I enjoy above all others. The site has touched on something special and the quality of content is very impressive. One description of the site that I found on the etiquette page reads: “Pinterest is designed to curate and share things you love.” I would add, “and make you giggle and clap and lose countless hours in front of your computer.”

The ease of use and the overall aesthetic of the site has captured a feeling so beautiful and familiar; it is akin to that unique feeling of coming home.

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see this article on Pinterest. I signed up for it when someone recommended it to me several months ago. But I have not used it because I really didn’t understand how. Now I will begin to use and enjoy it.

  • Anonymous

    Once you do, it would ruin your life in the most beautiful way. ;)