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First it was Glossary, then it was Radiohead (despite reports that they were first) and now it’s Paste. The music mag is allowing subscribers to decide for themselves how much their publication is worth. Readers can pay as little as $1 for 11 issues or they can go above and beyond the standard rate of $19.95:

For the next two weeks, new subscribers and old readers can pay what
they think an 11-issue, one year’s subscription is worth, from a
minimum of $1 to above and beyond the standard $19.95 a subscription
normally runs. Multiple subscriptions are allowed, and giving one as a
gift is encouraged. In addition, anyone paying more than the standard
price will be thanked in print, their names published in a future issue

PASTE hopes to attract new
readers and make them regular subscribers, the theory being that they
will stay for the content after coming in for a cheap price. They also
note that as unconventional as the offer is, it gives them insight into
just how much their regular readers think the magazine is worth.

The idea came about during a discussion about Radiohead’s new album and "Good to Great,"
a Jim Collins book that picked the most successful 11 companies out of
over 1,400, and examined just what made them so great. The book
includes various topics that seem to go against traditional business
sense, much like this campaign.

You can only name your own price for two weeks. Hurry if you want to pay less than ten cents an issue.

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