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Moll Anderson on Being the Life of the Party

fresh olivesIt’s nearly time to spring into spring and I think it’s time to kick the spring fever with a party! I’m going to introduce you to a couple of simple tips so that you are ready to be the ultimate seductive and party-ready hostess at any time.

Always remember that life is not about perfection, so why should entertaining be? Get those old “rules of entertaining” out of your head! Kick back, relax and be the life of the party! I want to encourage you to give up any fear of not being perfect by embracing a new way of thinking. I understand the anxiety that sometimes comes with throwing a party because I have experienced it, but entertaining doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. You don’t have to raise the grain-fed chicken you’re serving for dinner, wring its neck and pluck it in order to say you made the dinner from scratch. You don’t even need to roast that chicken yourself! Instead pick one up at the store already cooked. What’s important is to spend that time relaxing and rejuvenating yourself while also spending time with your friends or family.

But now, here’s a test to see if you could be party ready at any time: Pretend you just got a call from six of your friends and they’re 30 minutes away. Can you throw a soiree based on what you have in your home right now? If not, I’ve devised a list of items you need in your kitchen at all times. That way, the next time a friend calls, you’ll be ready to socialize and have a fabulous evening of entertaining!

Party Staples
In order to help you be party ready at a moment’s notice, keep these must-have staples in stock.

Assorted olives—They have a long shelf life yet seem exotic and decadent. You’ll find great varieties, and olives are wonderful stuffed with such delicacies as jalapeños and blue cheese.
Red and green seedless grapes—Not only are they tasty, but they’re the perfect garnish for cheese platters and salty hors d’oeuvres. They add color to your tray as well!
Frozen finger foods—Discount stores or groceries often have amazing frozen appetizers. Get a box of assorted munchies and store them for emergencies. Just thaw, garnish and look gourmet!
Various cheeses—Cheeses are such a treat and a very chic party-ready purchase. A cheese platter makes you and your guests feel special.
Cocktail napkins—Cute or cool cocktail napkins can save the day. If you don’t have them, don’t distress. But if you have them on hand, they bring a touch of class to any last-minute gathering.
Lemons and limes—Zest with the best! Lemons and limes are so versatile. Since they work well for every thing from a cocktail garnish to a simple centerpiece, these citrus savers are a party-ready must.

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