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It has been said that there is a magazine about everything under the sun. Well, maybe not until now:


[C]atering to the devoted
domestics of millionaires-turned-billionaires is Celeb Staff magazine,
the first publication targeting the staff of the rich and famous.

Los Angeles-based Golden Eagle Publishing House Inc. launched the
bi-monthly glossy in December. The magazine advises real estate
managers, nannies, butlers, chauffeurs, investment bankers, valets,
chefs and even personal pilots.

“People are not just buying one home any longer, they’re buying two or
three homes, private jets, and they’re always on the go,” said Beth
Torre, the company’s director of operations. “Behind all of this, there
is an army of staff to handle all of the details. It’s taking more and
more people to run the lives of high net-worth individuals.”

Last year, the number of U.S. households with a net worth of $5 million
or more exceeded 1 million, according to the Spectrum Group, a
consulting firm specializing in affluent and retirement markets.

Torre said in November the publisher will launch Celeb Life magazine,
its second luxury lifestyle magazine, this time to explore how
millionaires and billionaires are giving back to society.

Celeb Staff columns, which often avoid naming employers, include Nanny
Diaries, written by a celebrity nanny who offers advice to readers.
Also being launched in October is a column by Food Network star chef
Robert Irvine.

Other articles vary from how to create fantasy nurseries to setting up the ultimate in-home theater.

“There hasn’t been a voice for this kind of industry until now,” said
Torre. “Because the richest are getting richer, of course all other
sectors, like TV and film, are finding a market for it as well.”

Somehow I doubt there are enough star-employed individuals to make this magazine worth while to the publishers. However, there are enough celebrity-obsessed people within the population to warrant it. This magazine will fall into the hands of those who aren’t satiated by US Weekly or People, but need even more nitty gritty detail about the rich and famous. Is there enough fame fervor out there to make this level of celebrity news a success? Britney’s bodyguard hopes so.

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