Parents magazine's January 2012 issue

When to Get the Best Deals on Your Family’s Purchases

Parents magazine's January 2012 issue

Parents magazine's January 2012 issue

A helpful article in Parents magazine breaks down the best time of the year for your family’s purchases.

If I don’t get a vacuum soon, we might drown in dust. An older house full of hard wood floors means I’m constantly sweeping and vacuuming floors and rugs. But according to Parents magazine, I need to wait until May for a new vacuum. A helpful article in the January 2012 issue breaks down the best time of the year for your family’s purchases. With newer models of everything from televisions to grills being released at different times through the year, you can plan your purchases to save the most money.

This is one of those articles I’m tearing out and filing away for future reference. Before you buy something for your home or family, check out this list:

January: If you can afford anything right after the holidays, the beginning of the new year is a good time for big deals on items like luggage, sports equipment, exercise equipment (New Year’s resolutions!) and linens. New furniture styles hit the floor in February, so many retailers put stuff on sale to clear space.

February: Get great deals on televisions leading up to the Super Bowl. Cameras and camcorders are deeply discounted after newer models are released in January. And you’ll start seeing markdowns on winter clothes as spring items hit stores. If you’re able to guess on coat and boot sizes for kids, now is a great time to stock up for next winter.

March: Even if it’s too cold to cook outside, consider buying a grill now since retailers are trying to unload last year’s model before the grilling season really heats up.

April: Save your cash this month! Since retailers know that tax rebates are arriving in mailboxes, they’re less likely to put many things on sale.

May: Here’s when I can get my much-needed vacuum for a good price!

June: If your dad is handy, you’re in luck. Tools go on sale just in time for Father’s Day.

July: If you didn’t redecorate earlier in the year, you have another chance in July. The year’s second set of models arrives this month and deep discounts take effect on older selections.

August: Back-to-school season is a great time to purchase computers and small appliances (think dorm rooms!) like toasters and microwaves. You can also get great deals on summer clothes for next year.

September: If you need a new car, this is the best time to look. Dealers are ready to clear the way for newer models. And as the weather changes, stores start discounting lawn mowers and patio furniture to make way for leaf and snow blowers.

October: If you don’t mind floor models, now’s a great time to buy big appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators. Newer models are about to be released and stores start putting floor models on sale. Who cares about a little dent here or there if it means big savings?

November: Televisions are on sale again just as football season kicks into high gear.

December: This is the best time of year to find deals on toys, which is great considering this is when most families purchase the most!

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