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parents.jpgI’m always amazed at what a difference a few months can make in children’s development. While many 14-month-olds are starting to walk, their buddies a few months younger have barely tasted solids. Yet just a few years down the road, those same two kids will play happily together with no concern as to who is a few months older.

The development gap between kids of different ages probably makes it challenging for editors of parenting magazines. How do you put together articles that appeal to parents of 2-year-olds and 7-year-olds at the same time?

That’s one reason I really like the way Parents magazine presents its content. Included in the table of contents of each issue is an age-by-age chart that shows the breakdown of feature stories and to which age groups they are most relevant. There are also specific  “They Grow” sections dedicated to certain stages. So even if some articles seem light years away from your parenting issues at the moment, chances are you’ll find several things that speak directly to you.

I also like that they cover what I’d consider more substantive subjects. While I do want to know how to diagnose diaper rash, I respect parenting magazines that go beyond the expected content. A recent issue of Parents covered topics such as why there’s a shortage of pediatric specialists and how it can affect your child, how to discipline without saying “No” all the time and money-managing strategies from real couples.

And on the lighter side–I’m always giggling at my child’s take on the world–kids really can say the darnedest things! Parents magazine’s back page “Baby Bloopers” celebrates the hilarious stuff that can come out of kids’ mouths. It’s a collection of those funny quotes from readers’ kids–the kind of things you’d share with your parents, friends and in-laws.

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