People Time Magazine Covers Royal Family William Kate Prince George Charles Christening

People, Time Magazines Show Two Perspectives of Royal Family

People Royal Christening Baby Magazine Cover Collage Prince William Prince GeorgePeople and Time magazines gave us two different portrayals of the royal family this week. In some cases, they may also reflect the clash of generational changes and the monarchy.

The royal christening of Prince George didn’t come with the fanfare of the royal wedding or even the anticipation of the royal birth, but the British royals did manage to snag two magazine covers during the week that offered different perspectives of the monarchy.

Most are perhaps aware of the special issue People magazine cover featuring doting parents William and Kate with baby George from his recent baptism. Perhaps fewer are aware of the Time magazine cover featuring Prince Charles, ironically with the headline “The Forgotten Prince.”

Royalty in America is roughly the equivalent of celebrity here. We’ll indulge in the pomp and circumstance of the monarchy as a guilty pleasure, but otherwise the majority of people likely aren’t as interested in the inner workings of palace life—if at all.

In that case, the People cover portraying a close-up of both Prince William and Kate beaming with pride over a smiling baby George is the most recent royal cover that best resonates with the reading public. It even calls to mind a 1982 People magazine cover featuring a baby Prince William and the beloved late Princess Diana on the occasion of his christening.

Inside People’s recent issue, there were plenty of images of the extended royal family, from Queen Elizabeth on down. It was a rare peek into the palace, but much of the buzz was about what Kate was wearing, what Pippa was wearing, what baby George was wearing.

Time Magazine Cover Prince Charles Royal FamilyThe Time magazine cover, on the other hand, featured a close-up of Prince Charles with an expression representative of the monarchy’s typical stoicism.

Essentially, the article tells us that Charles is somewhat reluctantly assuming more of a kingly role as the queen ages and prefers to limit her travel. It makes mention of some of his fatherly moments with his son, but it lacks the paternal warmth that was captured on People’s cover.

Instead of the doting father, Time did manage to portray Charles as a champion of charities and social causes—something most often associated with Diana. It may come as a surprise that Charles’ involvement in or creation of such organizations pre-dates his and Diana’s royal wedding.

Here, as in Britain, William and Kate are enjoying a wave of popularity, due in part to their youth, the fascination with their love story, the arrival of the new prince. Lost in that shuffle is Charles, who though next in succession to the throne, doesn’t get the attention the “new” royals are.

Comparing the magazines, there may be another more fundamental difference in the two portrayals. People’s cover image includes William, perhaps an indication that he will be an involved father. Diana was pictured alone with William on his christening cover; other family portraits printed in that magazine included Charles.

Whether that can be attributed to Diana’s influence, Kate’s background as a “commoner,” or just a changing approach to parenting that’s reached all the way to the palace, it may be another indication that these “new” royals are sending a message that they won’t be bound by tradition.

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Buy One, Give One Magazine Subscription Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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Favorite Halloween Magazine Covers

Our 6 Favorite Halloween Magazine Covers

Favorite Halloween Magazine CoversWith Halloween just a day away, we’re taking a break from the Thanksgiving and Christmas prep that’s everywhere by savoring the moment with our favorite magazine covers of the season.

‘Tis the season for that weird holiday mashup that occurs this time of year, part Halloween, part Thanksgiving, part Christmas. In the magazine world, most of the latest covers—the November issues—are adorned with turkeys and pecans in preparation for that most thankful of days.

Already, stores are stocking their shelves with wreaths and trees and ornaments and the like, and Pinterest pinners are getting busy filling out their holiday prep boards.

So rather than get caught up in the (too?) early hustle and bustle, we thought we’d just enjoy the moment with our favorite Halloween-inspired magazine covers of the season. There’s plenty of time for the rest, right?

Real Simple: Our top pick of all the October covers, this reader favorite incorporates the black cat and carved pumpkin in one eye-catching image and throws in some fall leaves and seasonally-hued background for good measure.

Martha Stewart Living: For its elegance and artistic quality, of course Martha Stewart’s magazine gets the nod as one of the season’s best. Though not particularly spooky, the brighter yellowish hues of the scored design and masthead pop against the eerie shadows of the background.

Coastal Living: Staying on the subject of carvings, this magazine gave its pumpkins some personality by using the coast as its muse. Fish, shells, starfish, and compass designs adorned the assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors of pumpkins on its cover.

Sports Illustrated Kids: Three NFL stars get in on the fun of Halloween by dressing up like the mascots of their respective teams. It’s a playful reminder that you’re never too old to trick or treat, but it also points to an article inside of theirs and other stars’ costumes as kids.

Southern Living: Not all pumpkin carvings have to be scary. This Southern lifestyle magazine drew inspiration from some of the most popular signs of the fall season, showcasing a collection of pumpkins with cutouts of different leaf patterns.

YUM Food & Fun for Kids: Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the treats, right? Next to the costume, it’s probably the most important ingredient. That’s why this cover featuring lots of creative candies made the cut.


Ad Age 2013 Magazine A-List Magazines to Watch

Magazines to Watch from Ad Age’s 2013 A-List

Ad Age 2013 Magazine A-List Magazines to WatchThese days, magazines must embrace identities beyond print in order to survive. So which ones are doing it best? Here are our picks of the ones to watch from Ad Age’s 2013 A-List.

The magazine industry isn’t just about magazines anymore. Sure, that original wireless device (that needs no charging, ever, by the way) is at the heart of it all, but more and more publishing companies are transitioning to media companies—meaning there’s digital and tablet editions, even branding opportunities and merchandising partnerships.

When Ad Age set out to determine its 2013 Magazine A-List winners, it considered magazines not just for their success in print, but also their willingness to innovate beyond the traditional medium. Of the ten titles that made the list, these are our picks of the ones to watch.

Men’s Fitness: This men’s magazine vs. competitor Men’s Health has been a longstanding battle since both were established in the ‘80s. For the longest, Men’s Health held the upper hand across the board, but under the guidance of former editor David Zinczenko, Men’s Fitness is emerging as a force to be reckoned with, thanks to surging newsstand sales and ad pages.

EatingWell: This food magazine has been one of our favorites since before Meredith took ownership. With the backing of the bigger publisher, EatingWell is hitting its stride, and the July/August issue is on pace to set a record with newsstand sales. As the former indie title takes its place in the national food and health conversation, its partnerships with health-care providers and major brands have been a major source of growth.

Women’s Health: This women’s fitness magazine made Ad Age’s A-List in part for its editorial excellence, but maybe even more impressive is its attempts to reach readers and potential readers in unlikely ways, such as through its Run 10 Feed 10 fitness-fundraising push that teams up with FEED projects to provide meals and raise money to help end hunger.

InStyle: One of the two repeats from last year’s Ad Age A-List, this fashion bible continues to test the potential of social media. It’s providing tablet-exclusive content and asking readers to weigh in on its Social Media Awards. The popular women’s fashion magazine is also entering into branded merchandise. It’s “Perfect White Shirt” measures fit by bra size, meaning no more tugging or unsightly gaping.

Esquire: There’s digital, then there’s what this men’s magazine is doing. While most publications have revamped resources to invest into websites and tablet editions, Esquire goes out and creates its own television network. It might sound kind of out there, but there are several tie-ins with the magazine. For example, reader-favorite sections “Women We Love” and “Best Bars in America” are being adapted into network specials.

Bon Appetit: The other repeat from Ad Age’s A-List from a year ago seems to have put the controversial editorial changes of a few years ago behind it. The food magazine boasts an increase in ad pages—counting several luxury brands among them—a redesigned website, and events that unite top chefs and restaurants. For its all-around success, Ad Age dubbed Bon Appetit its “Magazine of the Year.”

Elle Magazine Melissa McCarthy Women in Hollywood Issue

Is Elle Magazine’s Cover Treatment of Melissa McCarthy a Plus-Size Fail?

Elle Magazine Women in Hollywood Covers Melissa McCarthy Reese Witherspoon Naomie Harris Penelope Cruz Marion Cotillard Shailene Woodley

Elle’s Women in Hollywood cover girls, clockwise from left: Naomie Harris, Melissa McCarthy, Marion Cotillard, Reese Witherspoon, Penelope Cruz, and Shailene Woodley.

Elle magazine’s “Women in Hollywood” issue is being criticized for covering up plus-size cover girl Melissa McCarthy. Even if you like her look, do you think the magazine is sending mixed messages about beauty and size?

Elle magazine’s annual “Women in Hollywood” issue is back, and that sound you hear is what has become the all-too-familiar outrage over an all-too-familiar debate. Is the fashion industry too size-obsessed?

Even as fashion magazines proclaim on their covers and in their pages every month that confidence is what makes a woman beautiful, their actions tell a different story. Or so the latest critics of Elle have said.

Melissa McCarthy, the so-called “token plus-size cover girl” of Elle’s “Women in Hollywood” cover collection, stands out from the rest—not because of her size, mind you, but because of how she was portrayed.

Sure, the funny girl looked the glamorous part with flawless makeup and a fancy ‘do. The problem is that the fashion magazine hid McCarthy under what is, yes, an admittedly great winter coat, while fellow honorees Reese Witherspoon, Marion Cotillard, Naomie Harris, and Shailene Woodley were featured on their respective covers in curve-hugging, body-baring looks. Penelope Cruz went au naturel for a close-up.

If the subtle message was that thin is still in and still the standard of beauty, then the outcry was that this was a plus-size fail. Why feature a plus-size star if you’re not going to feature her?

The criticism was such that Elle defended its cover choices and composition in a statement: “On all of our shoots, our stylists work with the stars to choose pieces they feel good in, and this is no different: Melissa loved this look, and is gorgeous on our cover. We are thrilled to honor her as one of our Women in Hollywood this year.”

McCarthy isn’t the first plus-size star to get the cover-up on the cover of Elle. Last year, Octavia Spencer—and 2012 “Women in Hollywood” honoree—got the crop that omitted most of her body on an otherwise beautiful cover. Then there was the Gabby Sidibe cover of 2010 that got similar treatment.

The controversy here is not whether McCarthy looks beautiful—she does—but whether Elle is sending an equally beautiful message on all of its covers.

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7 Pre-Season Red Tag Magazine Subscription Deals to Plan Your Holiday Wish List

Pre-Season Red Tag Sale Magazine Subscription Deals DiscountsGet what you really want for Christmas this year! Use these pre-season holiday shopping magazine subscription deals to start building your Christmas wish list!

So, it’s not yet Halloween and Christmas has arrived. Actually, it’s been around awhile considering some trees and Santas and such started showing up in stores last month—probably even before Labor Day!

While we won’t begrudge you the leisurely opportunities to think about your trick-or-treating get-up or even enjoy that wonderfully addictive candy corn, we’d like to at least get you in the Christmas holiday spirit by thinking about what you’d like Santa to deliver TO YOU this year.

During our Pre-Season Red Tag Magazine Sale, you can save 70 percent to 90 percent on more than 30 top magazine subscriptions. The best thing is there’s plenty of inspiration to help build your wish list in this selection!

With the holidays—and you—in mind, here’s seven pre-season red tag magazine subscription deals you can use to plan your holiday wish list.

1. Us Weekly: The more you think about it, the more you can’t really come up with anything you need. But what you’d really love is some downtime to get lost in some light reading. Could anything be more self-indulgent, then, than a subscription to this celebrity news magazine?

2. Entertainment Weekly: Today’s blockbuster movies will be tomorrow’s much anticipated DVD releases. Your favorite television shows will be sold by the season, too. Stay on top of all the latest in entertainment news, insider picks, and more with a subscription to this magazine.

3. Rolling Stone: Whether it’s the latest album everyone’s raving about, a re-release, or a long-awaited compilation set from your favorite artist, get the scoop from this iconic music magazine. If it’s concert tickets you want, it’ll tell you which shows should be on your must-see list.

4. Cooking Light: Eating healthy food all the time may sound like a drag, but not with the low-cal, low-fat indulgences here. Stock up on all the gadgets you need in the kitchen with the editors’ picks in each issue, plus the magazine gives you the added benefit of easy nutritious recipes year-round.

5. Redbook: If it’s fashion and beauty you want, a subscription to this women’s magazine will help your shopper’s dollars go further. Its product recommendations and best buying tips ensure you get what you want—and what works—without breaking someone else’s bank.

6. Travel + Leisure: You’ve got a case of wanderlust, and whether it’s a trip closer to home or a dream adventure somewhere across the globe, you’ll get insider advice on what to see and do. To get ready with a little help from your friends, maybe some needed gear or luggage will do.

7. Motor Trend: Who says you can’t at least dream big? It is a wish list, after all. This car magazine is packed with reviews on the latest models and other road test information, so you can ask Santa for the smartest investment he can deliver to you this year.