Fashion Magazine Covers Body Image Double Standard Photoshop Controversy Design Composition

The Ugly Truth About Fashion Magazines and Body Image-Photoshop Controversies

Fashion Magazine Covers Body Image Double Standard Photoshop Controversy Design CompositionFashion magazine critics claim they’re pushing for the industry to accept and feature beauty of all colors, shapes, and sizes. But why is it they don’t cry Photoshop foul when a pencil-thin model or celeb graces a magazine cover?

If it’s not a body image debate that’s abuzz in the fashion magazine world, it’s a Photoshop controversy that’s brewing. You can file Lena Dunham’s February Vogue spread under the latter, but unlike most photo-retouching controversies, this one failed to gain much steam.

It started when Jezebel, the popular feminist blog, offered $10,000 to the fashion magazine for the original images from “Girls” star Lena Dunham’s photo shoot.

Rather than discovering Dunham had been photoshopped to the extreme, the before-and-after photos posted on the site show only minor touch-ups—such as lifting the dress’s neckline, a tuck at the hip, smoothing a wrinkle, removing bags under the eyes—were made.

Many commenters on the blog were more offended by Jezebel’s “mean girl” attack on Dunham—criticizing her posture, pointing out wrinkles and other imperfections—than the use of Photoshop in basically making small enhancements to the photos that appeared in Vogue.

These days Photoshop has become a dirty word in the magazine industry. Once considered a helpful tool to make minor edits to avoid expensive reshoots, its use now is often assumed as a means of creating a deceptive image.

But, ironically, that controversy seems to bubble up when a fashion magazine steps out of its size-2 cover girl comfort zone and features a plus-sized celebrity.

In recent months, Elle magazine came under fire for “hiding” funny girl Melissa McCarthy under a baggy coat on one of its “Women in Hollywood” covers. And it was criticized again when Mindy Kaling—the Indian-American star of “The Mindy Project”—was featured in black and white on one of its “Women in Television” covers.

McCarthy and Kaling’s cover girl peers were featured wearing body-hugging clothing in full-color photos. Which led many to believe that magazine was subtly pushing a double-standard when it came to body size and ethnicity.

Both have publicly said they were pleased with their cover looks, but that didn’t stemmed the criticism. Even Lena Dunham said she felt her appearance in Vogue was an accurate reflection of her style. She told Slate, “I don’t understand why, Photoshop or no, having a woman who is different than the typical Vogue cover girl, could be a bad thing.”

The truth is that isn’t a bad thing. But this rampant distrust of Photoshop and demand for equality and acceptance of all shapes, sizes, and colors of beauty has created an ugly response.

Since when does anyone—ANYONE—take a perfect photograph? Where is the demand for unretouched photos of Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Kate Moss, and a hundred other skinny, model-perfect examples of beauty that are pushed upon us every month? When any one of them is featured closely cropped or covered up, where is the outrage that their bodies are being hidden?

The critics howl the loudest when a plus-sized star makes it on a fashion magazine cover, insisting that the industry still can’t accept more than one version of beauty. And just when Vogue seems to embrace the notion that it is in its pages, then some way, somehow Photoshop must be to blame.

Celebrity and Entertainment Magazine Subscription Discounts Deals Awards Season Oscars Grammys SAG Awards Golden Globes Fashion Movies Music TV

Must-Have Celebrity and Entertainment Magazines for Awards Season

Celebrity Entertainment Magazine Subscriptions Discounts Deals Awards Season Movies TV Fashion MusicLove star-gazing this time of year? This awards season keep up with the latest headlines and, of course, the hottest red-carpet looks with these top celebrity and entertainment magazine subscriptions!

The Grammys, the Oscars, all that red-carpet fashion. Awards season is upon us, and what better way to keep track of the nominees, the picks to win, and, of course, the hottest styles than with the must-read celebrity and entertainment magazines.

Whether you’re tuning in to—or tuning out of—every awards show and red-carpet special, you can keep up with the latest Hollywood happenings and save up to 94% on more than 120 magazine subscriptions devoted to the biggest names in movies, music, television, and more.

PeopleSure, you love awards season and all, but your fave celebs didn’t quite make the nominations cut. With America’s most popular magazine, you’ll get the latest on all the big winners, the best dressed—plus the reality stars and real-life inspirational heroes you love, too.

Us Weekly: Off the red carpet, the stars are just like us, according to this magazine. Each week, it reminds us that they go grocery shopping and grab coffee, too. But aside from that, this celebrity magazine runs down the latest headlines and highlights those must-have star-studded looks.

Entertainment Weekly: Forget the gossip and the fashion, because you won’t find it here. Instead, the emphasis on critical reviews of television, film, music, and more will give you an insider’s take on the best works in each genre, why they deserved to be nominated, and the popular picks to win.

TV Guide: Dramas, comedies, reality shows—this weekly digest-sized magazine covers it all. Entertainment junkies will get authoritative advice on the best new shows to watch, the can’t-miss season and series finales, and season previews—all from an unmatched behind-the-scenes point of view.

Rolling Stone: Once again, no gossip or style tips here. Fans of music and pop culture will instead find an array of album reviews, insightful interviews with classic and up-and-coming artists, and intriguing, yet sometimes controversial essays about social issues and the latest headlines.

People StyleWatch: Even if your budget can’t manage the red-carpet style of awards season, you can still look like a star. With the help of this celebrity fashion magazine, you’ll get the lowdown on the trends, the beauty tips, and more that Hollywood loves—and at a price you can afford.

MAD: You might casually follow the awards season scene and keep up with the major headlines, but you don’t take it so seriously. This magazine will fill you in on the really important stuff by ensuring you get a good laugh—if there’s one to be had—with its signature social parody and biting satire.

Easy Organization Tips Tricks Secrets Storage Ideas DIY

10 Organization Tips for the New Year from Top Home Magazines and Pinterest

Easy Organization Tips Tricks DIY Storage Ideas Home Decor Home MagazinesWant to make 2014 the year you finally get your home in order? Start with these small, but effective organization ideas from Pinterest and top home magazines that will get clutter under control in no time!

Get organized. Cut out the clutter. Sound familiar? If you’re like many, you might have resolved to do just that in 2014.

One of the biggest obstacles you face just might be the overwhelming feeling you get as you wonder where to begin. Redbook magazine suggests tackling one small organizational task every day, even if it’s just a small step. At the end of a month, you’ll have made some progress that will hopefully snowball until you’ve reached your ultimate goal.

In keeping with Redbook’s advice, we took to some top home magazines and, of course, the super-helpful pinning phenomenon that is Pinterest to find these 10 simple tips for organization to help get you going.

1. Manage Your Mail: For starters, open your mail over the shredder or recycling bin, suggests Redbook. That will help you make quick decisions about what to toss and what to keep. Good Housekeeping recommends putting everything else in a visible storage space—trays, bins, wall file, etc.—so you don’t forget to deal with the important stuff.

2. Go to the Bar: As in placing one in cabinets under sinks in the kitchen and in bathrooms. Blogger Bailey, Marie, and Me demonstrates it’s great for hanging spray bottles like cleaners, air fresheners, and other items, plus it nearly doubles your storage! Who couldn’t use that?

3. Spice Things Up: So many spices, so hard to keep track of them all. To keep your kitchen cabinets from getting overrun, install a mop holder inside doors to hold them. Not only will it keep your spices organized, but you’ll finally be able to see them all at once.

4. Wrap Up Your Towels: Closet space may be precious, especially in small bathrooms or guest bathrooms. To get more of it, hang wicker on their sides or even a wine rack. Roll up your towels and place them in your choice of storage. Instant organization—and space!

5. Protect Yourself From Stains: Martha Stewart Living suggests organizing a stain treatment kit so you can act fast to combat spills, ink, and other common blemishes. Keep cornstarch for fresh grease stains; natural bleaches like lemon juice and white vinegar; glycerin for ballpoint ink; and a mild, clear dishwashing liquid for all-purpose stains. Add eyedroppers and cotton swabs to your kit for easy application.

6. Hang It Up: An unmanaged closet can get out of hand fast. Just think of the chaos unkempt scarves, tank tops, and ties can create! Peeking Pines says get them under control by adding shower rings to hangers. For tank tops and ties, All Things Mandi suggests installing a towel rack, then hang and organize hang away!

7. Put On a Prettier Face: With your makeup! Start with a magnetic board in a decorative frame. Affix magnetic strips to the backs of all your essentials and attach. Don’t forget to add small baskets to hold brushes and such. This keeps your makeup off counters, and it frees up drawer space, too!

8. Just Shoe It: Removing shoes at the door is an easy way to prevent tracking in dirt and other pollutants. Keeping them organized there may be another. Good Housekeeping recommends mats, shoe racks, and decorative wicker baskets. Wet shoes and boots especially need to be stored where they will get plenty of air circulation to help them dry.

9. Prepare for Playtime Disaster: “Neat” is probably not the word that comes to mind when you think of your child’s room after playtime. But you can make cleanup easier by using bins and baskets, like these from A Well-Dressed Home, labeled with categories to keep like items together. Good Housekeeping recommends this as an alternative to using lidded toy boxes so your child can see where the toys go and help with cleanup.

10. Tame Magazine Mayhem: Your favorite subscriptions can pile up fast (we know!). But Cot Cozy’s idea to use plastic wall racks—like you’d see in a waiting room—help keep all your magazines neat and organized. Plus you get the bonus of “artwork” that changes every month!

For more information on these and other organization ideas, visit our Pinterest board here!

5 Dollar Instant Coupon Magazine Subscription Discounts Deals Coupon Code

7 Great Magazine Subscriptions to Curl Up with This Winter

5 Dollar Instant Coupon Magazine Subscription Discounts DealsWhen the weather outside is frightful, enjoy the excuse to stay inside if you can. Better yet, curl up with any one of these great magazine subscription deals—and now through Jan. 31, save an EXTRA $5 instantly!

Maybe it’s not polar vortex cold outside, but there’s still a chill in the air! Which means it’s great weather to stay indoors and curl up with a good read by a roaring fire or bundled up in a warm blanket.

In that case, we’ve got just the reads you need—and now through Jan. 31, you can save $5 instantly with coupon code WINTER5OFF. The coupon applies to more than 170 select magazine subscriptions, but we’d like to highlight seven recommendations to suit a range of needs and interests.

Bark: This magazine is ideal for anyone who loves their faithful four-legged friend. It contains inspirational stories about dogs, insights into their behavior, tips about caring for them and traveling with them, product reviews and recommendations, and much more.

Crochet World: Combine your downtime with learning a new skill or perfecting an existing one. This reader favorite magazine features easy-to-follow instructions and full-color photos for simple to complex projects, including everything from doilies to dishcloths and clothing to throws.

Travel + Leisure: Daydream those winter doldrums away by flipping through the pages of this travel magazine! Experience the world vicariously or plan the trip of a lifetime with its insider tips, destination recommendations, and itinerary suggestions.

The Atlantic: For well over a century, this magazine has been delivering thought-provoking commentary on political and cultural issues. The longer features found in every issue make for a great read, plus they’re engaging and entertaining enough that they don’t feel cumbersome.

Saveur: This delicious title celebrates cuisine from around the world, making it part travel magazine, part food magazine. Articles combine the two seamlessly, and recipes give you the chance to experience everything from popular global dishes to trendy takes on more well-known ones.

Guideposts: Boost your spirits with this magazine packed with heartwarming stories from everyday people and notable celebrities. Both share their first-person accounts of tragedy and heartbreak, but each shares the inspirational message of hope and courage.

Popular Science: Curious about science and technology? This magazine tackles both in a mix of shorter briefs and longer features on emerging trends and developments in those fields. It also blends product recommendations and even how-to’s that help repurpose objects you may already have.

New Years Resolutions Most Popular Magazine Subscription Discounts Deals

Magazine Subscriptions That Can Help You Keep the Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions Most Popular Magazine Subscription Discounts DealsNeed help making that new year’s resolution stick? We’ve got a magazine subscription that can help! Get inspiration and motivation in your mailbox each month with these titles for each of the most popular resolutions.

Did you make new year’s resolutions this year? It’s a popular practice to vow to improve oneself as one year changes to the next, but according to the Journal of Psychology, fewer than 10 percent actually follow through on them.

There’s apps dedicated to helping resolution-makers stick to their plans, and even social media can be a useful tool to offer accountability. But we’d like to think that new inspiration and motivation arriving in your mailbox every month can help, too.

So with that in mind, here’s the magazine subscriptions we recommend to help you keep the most popular resolutions you—or someone you know—probably made this year.

1. Lose Weight and Get Fit: Getting in shape may be the most popular promise many make to themselves—and also the one most often broken. But Weight Watchers’ low-fat recipes and Health’s workout routine recommendations offer easy-to-follow instruction that can help.

2. Get a Better Job: Looking for a raise? Maybe better opportunities? If you don’t see much of a future in your current role, maybe it’s time to move on. That can mean striking out on your own with the help of Entrepreneur or brushing up on business trends with Fast Company.

3. Save Money: Resolution or not, saving a few more bucks is always a wise move. All You magazine is packed with coupons to help you spend less on everyday items, while Shop Smart is a popular source for smart spending advice on big and little purchases.

4. Eat Healthy Food: Whether you’re making a gradual change or a major one, you can find a food magazine that can help. Cooking Light is well-known for making over your favorite meals with less fat and calories, while Vegetarian Times is an ideal source for nutritious, but meat-free recipes.

5. Manage Stress: Taking up a hobby or pursuing a new leisurely activity is one way to get your mind off the daily grind. Crafters would find plenty of inspiration in magazines like Crochet Today! or Creative Knitting. Field & Stream is a popular choice for outdoorsy types, and budding shutterbugs can get started with tips and equipment reviews found in Popular Photography.

6. Manage Debt: Take saving money a step further by paying down your debts, planning for major purchases, or life changes like retirement with the help of the sound financial advice found in magazines like Money or Kiplinger’s Personal Finance.

7. Take a Trip: Getting away from it all is another way to treat yourself—perhaps for staying on track for another resolution on this list. Plan the perfect getaway with the insider travel tips found in Travel + Leisure or Coastal Living if your ideal vacay is close to the water.

Magazine News Year in Review 2013

Top Magazine Stories of 2013

Magazine News Year in Review 2013The more things changed for magazines in 2013, the more they stayed the same. Several celebrated major milestones, some went digital-only, and one notable title announced its intent to return to print.

Another year in the magazine industry marked another year of changes. More magazines went digital, more made adjustments because of the changing nature of magazine readership.

But as much as digital made its mark on magazines in 2013, several other developments should be taken as proof that those traditional print editions aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. So with 2014 just days away, we take a look back at some of the top headlines in the magazine industry of the past year.

1. More Magazines Go Digital: In 2013, we said goodbye to several magazines in their printed form, like Whole Living in January and PC World in August. Perhaps none made bigger headlines than Newsweek, which started the year in its new all-digital form. By the end of the year, Newsweek’s new ownership announced it would be bringing the print magazine back in early 2014.

2. Everyday Food Supplement Debuts: Martha Stewart’s beloved digest-sized food magazine, Everyday Food, became a digital casualty of late 2012. Fans were promised it would live on online and in quarterly supplements to Martha Stewart Living subscribers. The first debuted in February.

3. Magazines Get a Makeover: Every year, we can usually count on a few titles to make a few tweaks in their look, but it’s rarely happened to The Atlantic. In March, the monthly unveiled a bolder cover look, a redesigned table of contents, and more engaging layout changes. Reader’s Digest debuted its makeover with its January 2014 issue (already on newsstands), and Popular Science will follow suit in February 2014.

4. More Female Writers Get Recognition: The National Magazine Award nominations were kinder to female writers and reporters this year. Half of the field of 34 awards finalists were women, compared to just seven of 24 a year ago. Women received recognition in each of the 23 awards categories, after being shut out of four in 2012.

5. Magazine Readership Posts Solid Numbers: Digital has long been thought to spell the end of printed magazines, but numbers released in May showed a 3 percent increase in readership—helped in part because of tablet editions. Among the more popular genres are magazines devoted to diet, fitness, and mental well-being.

6. New York Magazine Awarded Cover of the Year: New York Magazine’s Hurricane Sandy cover image titled “The City and the Storm” took top honors in the American Society of Magazine Editors “Cover of the Year” contest. The post-Sandy image captured the city that never sleeps in half-darkness.

7. Multiple Magazines Mark Milestone Anniversaries: 2013 was a banner year for major celebrations for major magazines. National Geographic marked its 125th anniversary in October with a special issue devoted to photography. Time celebrated its 90th anniversary in February, while Esquire turned 80 in October. Just more proof of the longevity of the printed word.

8. Time Inc. Unveils New Subscription Model: Starting with PEOPLE magazine in September, Time Inc. debuted its new subscription packages. The publisher offers traditional print-only or digital-only subscriptions, or print-plus-digital offerings for readers who want a taste of both.

9. Nancy Gibbs Makes Magazine History: Her byline has been attached to well over 100 cover stories of the venerable newsweekly, but Nancy Gibbs made magazine history in September when she was named Time magazine’s first female managing editor.

10. New York Magazine Scales Back: The longtime weekly magazine that covered the Big Apple announced earlier this month that it would cut back to bi-weekly production. Citing the higher costs of production and diminishing print ad revenues, the magazine said it would scale back its printed issues and also invest in its online presence as its digital ad revenues continue to rise.