Oxygen Magazine Does It Again With Another Single Move Designed to Work 10 Muscles

oxygen_september2010.jpgYou may remember back in August when I got totally hooked on a single move from Oxygen magazine. The move promised to work 10 different muscles, and my soreness the next few days after trying it proved that it did!

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, when I was sitting on my couch with the September 2010 issue. And there it was again: Another single move promising to work 10 muscles! I got so excited that I stopped reading right there and grabbed my medicine ball to try it. It was fun and challenging, and it took a few tries to really get it down. But I did.

And this morning, I can feel the effects already, especially in the obliques and all the tiny muscles around my waist. That’s a good thing. I love a new, single move that makes me immediately feel like I’m reaping the benefits!

Thank you, Oxygen magazine. I can’t wait to see what “Time Cruncher” move you come up with next!