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Want to See Stars at Your Oscar Party? Make a Starry Night Martini

Oscar Party Ideas

All the ingredients needed to make the deliciously infamous Starry Night Martini—except your self-control.

Guest blogger Gwen McCoy knows how to throw an Oscar party where the cocktails play a starring role. The signature Starry Night Martini is so good it comes with a warning label.

Oscar Night: It’s all about the fashion and the parties, right? Oh wait, they give awards? Huh, who knew?!

Actually, award season is one of my most favorite times of the year. Fancy dresses, hilarious and heartfelt speeches, and nonstop celebrities—all perfect excuses for a party!

So every year for the last 12 years, I have hosted a girls’ night for the grand finale of awards shows, the Academy Awards.

We have fabulous food, a little friendly wagering on the winners, and of course, a signature cocktail. We have a great time laughing at the fashion mishaps (Bjork and a dress made in the shape of a swan, need I say more?) and ogling over the leading men in black tie.

The signature cocktail has changed over the years depending on the theme for the night’s food and festivities. But one of the most popular—and, well, possibly infamous—cocktails is the Starry Night.

The Starry Night Martini is a perfect mixture of liquors that makes for a great dessert drink. It’s deliciously and dangerously smooth, making it easy to forget that it is 99% alcohol. After serving it one year, it has now become a cocktail that comes with its own warning label.

The Starry Night Martini

1.5 oz Chocolate Vodka
1.5 oz Vanilla Vodka
1 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 oz. Kahlua
1 splash heavy cream

Fill shaker with ice. Add ingredients and mix well. Strain into a cocktail glass.

Yes, you read that right. The only non-alcoholic ingredient in this tasty drink is a splash of heavy cream. Seriously! In years’ past I have served this as the “welcome drink” with the warning that I am only serving each guest one, maybe two, of these delectable concoctions. Then we switch over to more tame libations to enjoy with the dinner and dessert.

I can neither confirm nor deny that any of these warnings listed below have actually happened to me or any guests of my Oscars Party. Just proceed with caution. Or proceed with the camera on standby to document the insanity that is sure to follow with this fun drink!

WARNING: JUST ONE of these martinis is likely to cause one or all of the many side effects noted below. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.

  1. You will believe that this martini is in fact, a weak dessert drink and start slamming them back two at a time.
  2. In the event that side effect No. 1 affects the guest, he/she may be physically constrained to the couch and/or bed for at least 24-48 hours following the side effects. Chocolate vomit = not cute.
  3. You may believe that you are a fabulous dancer and challenge everyone you know to a dance off, Breakin’ 2: Electric Bugaloo style. 30-something woman doing the worm Oscar night = visit to the chiropractor tomorrow.
  4. You may have the urge to call everyone you know and leave incoherent messages, often making odd references to Donkey Kong and getting it on. Or perhaps getting it on, all night long, like Donkey Kong.
  5. You may fall and break common household items or unknowingly destroy functional items—e.g., shoe racks, dish racks, contacts and their cases, etc.
  6. You may be overwhelmed with that loving feeling and seduce your significant other with some classic Barry White or Michael Bolton. Nine months later, I really think that love child should be named either Starry or Oscar.

So, mix up your favorite cocktail and find a great spot on the couch to catch all of the fun, fashion and fabulousness of Oscar Night. If Anne Hathaway doesn’t win for Les Miserables, you will find me downing a Starry Night or four in serious protest. Then watch for me on YouTube doing a remake of “I Dreamed a Dream” while attempting the worm. Cheers!