Best New Year How-To Advice from O, The Oprah Magazine’s January 2013 Issue

O, The Oprah Magazine January 2013 CoverWhat’s advice maven Oprah Winfrey got in store for you for 2013? She’s dishing on goals to help you feel better longer rather than tired old resolutions that just get broken.

Forget those new year’s resolutions, those often-failed promises you make to yourself that are broken nearly before you begin them. Instead, set reasonable goals for 2013. Make a list, even of baby steps, to help you accomplish them.

Rather than resolve to lose weight—as many of us do—dedicate the year to changes in diet or fitness routines that will not only help you shed pounds and keep them off, but that will also result in your feeling better this year and beyond.

With this approach in mind, O, The Oprah Magazine’s January 2013 issue is understandably packed with great advice to get you started. But of the many suggestions, we think these are the best.

How to Burn Calories Fast: Grab some kettlebells for a part-cardio, part-strength training workout that eats up more calories per minute than almost any other fitness option.

How to Take a Leap of Faith: Take bold steps forward in your life by making decisions borne of what you want rather than what you’re afraid of. It also helps to set dates to spur you into action, no matter how small.

How to Save for Retirement: Financial advice guru Suze Orman says save early (like in your 20s) and save often for the future. But the earlier you start—no matter how little you sock away—the better.

How to Fight Dry Winter Skin: Dr. Oz suggests fighting the itchiness and flakiness that comes with the season by using a humidifier or eating whole grains, eggs and nuts to help moisturize your skin from within.

How to Manage Your Essentials During a Workout (or Not): Oprah suggests the anti-fanny pack, a small neoprene waterproof pouch, for holding cash, keys and smartphone from ifitnessinc.com.

How to Put Some Spring in Your Step: Fight back the blahs of winter—cold, dreary days or dull wardrobe—by adding bright colors to perk it up. Think pairing sunny yellows to grays or other neutrals.

How to Cut Back on Sugar: The fundamental rule here is to only eat what comes out of the ground or from an animal. That helps eliminate any processed foods in which sugar is added and fiber and other nutrients removed.