Open Sesame: DRAFT Magazine’s Packed Holiday Issue Includes a Simple, Practical Helper

draft_bottleopener.jpgThe November/December 2010 issue of DRAFT magazine is packed with everything you’d expect from a holiday issue covering the world of beer. There’s the cover story on the year’s top 25 beers; 12 breweries to watch in 2011; recommended beer gifts for people ranging from the wine snob to “the relative you don’t really know”; beer/cookie pairings; travel stories; and much more. It’s a really well put together issue.

But for my money, the most practical article is also one of the shortest. Located two pages from the back of the issue, the Style department walks you through MacGyvering a bottle opener from a block of wood and a pan-head screw.

Sure, it may not win you as many bar bets as opening a beer bottle with a napkin, but there’s something rustically charming about this simple tool, which DRAFT says originates in Brazil’s dive bars and has the added bonus of not bending the caps it removes–a plus for those of us who collect cool bottle toppers for an amazing craft project to be determined later.

So this holiday season, when you’re stranded at that wine party thrown by your significant other’s friend–yeah, that friend–and you’re surrounded by obnoxious strangers and desperate for the comfort that only a good beer can provide, remember this post and how you should have taken five minutes to make the amazing Brazilian MacGyver stick as you ask the host if you can borrow a napkin.

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