One for the Price of Two

Are readers of InTouch and Life & Style magazines getting the same coverage in both glossies, even though they are paying separate prices? Some media critics say yes:

Is Richard Spencer’s double duty at In Touch and Life & Style costing the two Bauer tabloids their singular identities? Critics are quick to say “absolutely.” Naturally!

Not only are both magazines running very similar content and
storylines, but there are also instances of the weeklies having their
cake and inhaling it too, by supporting a celeb in one rag and trashing
him in the other.

“They’re definitely trying to have it both ways,” says one veteran
staffer at a competing tabloid. And when they run “what’s basically the
same story in both magazines, they look cheap.”

The media gossip blog, Jossip, has side-by-side screenshots of articles and photographs from both magazines that reveal a striking similarity. Go see and judge for yourself.

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