On the Hunt for Eggs in April Issues of Your Magazine Subscriptions

martha_stewart_living_subscription_april2011.jpgRemember that commercial jingle, the “Incredible Edible Egg”? You might find yourself singing the words to yourself as you read your favorite magazines this month.

Used as a symbol for spring and for Easter, the egg turns up in recipes, photo spreads, craft pages and other places. Sometimes it’s in features, and sometimes you’ll feel like you’re on an egg hunt when you come across a little tidbit of egg information.

Which Came First?:
In the case of April magazine covers, the eggs come first. Martha Stewart Living magazine‘s cover features an eggshell-like bowl full of eggs in white and various hues of blue. One is cracked and stuffed with foil-wrapped treats. County Living magazine’s cover also features a white dish full of eggs, these covered in swirling earth-tone designs. All You magazine, meanwhile, has pink and yellow eggs on a pale blue cake stand.

Duck, Duck, Goose: A reader asked, so Martha Stewart Living gives tips for dyeing and decorating ostrich, emu, duck and goose eggs.

country_living_magazine_subscription_april2011.jpgEggs Over Easy: Decorating eggs can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. This year the trick seems to be decorating them with stickers. Brilliant and oh-so easy. Find suggestions in Martha Stewart Living and Better Homes and Gardens magazine.

Edible: What to do with all those beautifully decorated eggs once you’ve recovered them from their hiding places? Recipes for hard-cooked eggs in Real Simple magazine and Good Housekeeping go way beyond deviled eggs.

And Incredible: There’s much more about eggs in April’s magazines, including using the shells as fertilizer (Good Housekeeping magazine) and five more ideas for eggshells in Real Simple.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get cracking!