Oh, Baby! Food Network Magazine Uncovers Gender-Reveal Cake Trend

foodnetworkmag_may2011.jpgOnce upon a time, expectant parents didn’t know whether they were having a boy or a girl until, well, they had it. Then, technological advancements allowed moms- and dads-to-be to get a peek at their bundles of joy–giving friends and family months to inundate them with pinks or blues instead of gender-neutral yellows or greens.

But, as you can imagine, a sweet new trend has emerged, and it makes finding out what baby’s going to be a party everyone can join in on, according to Food Network Magazine‘s May 2011 issue.

The centerpiece of this celebration is a “baby cake” or a gender-reveal cake. Covered in neutral icing, the cake is sliced by the parents who find out if it’s going to be a girl or boy based on whether the inside is pink or blue.

The expectant parents messenger the information from the doctor to their favorite baker in a sealed envelope (so, no peeking, of course). Then the bakers get to work to help deliver the big news, which makes them feel they’re playing a very special role. Terri Leckas, owner of Queen of Cakes bakery in Edina, Minn., tells Food Network Magazine, “I feel like the fairy godmother.”

Some sources trace the popularity of this trend to the Duggar clan of TLC’s “19 and Counting” fame, who revealed the gender of their first grandchild on the “Today” show in June 2009 with one of these baby cakes. And there are plenty of other videos showcasing similar joyous moments of the not-so-famous all over YouTube.

But not everyone is eating up the good news or wants to share in the big day–at least not just yet. For some, it’s just one more event over the course of the nine months leading up to the birth that requires yet another gift.

Perhaps the proud parents should request no gifts or at least make bringing them optional should they have a gender reveal party, and simply enjoy the moment with their guests. And just let them eat cake.

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